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LED Light Therapy Speeds The Healing Of The Body

Light-emitting diode, LED lights, emit a concentrated beam of light that can easily penetrate the skin where it can effectively heal and regenerate the body. NASA discovered this accidental breakthrough because they used LEDs to grow plants in space by replacing traditional lights. When their astronauts returned, NASA noticed, that they had lost less muscle mass than usual and began conducting experiments with LEDs.

Full Body LED Light Bed

Further research proved that red and infrared LED light speeds healing of the body. This discovery was applied to children undergoing chemotherapy and thus preventing or mitigating painful mouth sores that developed as a result of the chemo. Additional research led to the FDA approving LED light for the treatment of wrinkles, acne and other skin conditions.

At the Joanna Vargas day spa in New York City and Los Angeles we have many different facial treatments that incorporate LED light Therapy. We use these to give you your best skin ever. We even have a full body LED light bed that we use to promote the health of your skin.

In general, our equipment uses a variety of infrared and red light therapy in combination to promote skin health. The red light helps stimulate healing, which can treat acne scars, rosacea, age spots and blemishes caused by broken capillaries. Infrared therapy tends to be used to treat wrinkles and other problems caused by poor skin support, such as translucent skin or coarse skin.

When light is absorbed by your skin cells, tissue repair is accelerated. This means that your skin capillary blood vessels open and blood flow increases to the skin, delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients. Additionally, moisture retention is increased, and pore size may also appear diminished.

Additionally, it was discovered that infrared light stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which are responsible for making the proteins collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are responsible for supporting the skin and giving it its elasticity. The result is healthier, younger, smoother looking skin. As you can now clearly see, this is why we use LED light therapy in our skincare salon.

There are many benefits associated with the use of it light therapy and we hope this has giving you a brief explanation of its benefits and use.

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