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Lay Off The Sugar, Sugar… How Holiday Sweets Age the Skin and What You Can Do To Prevent It!

From holiday goodies to Christmas cookies, chocolates, truffles, and festive cakes, no matter
which form of sugar you take, it ages you. In fact, sugar is one of the biggest culprits behind aging skin.

Not only does it negatively impact your overall health by slowing the activity of white blood
cells and making us more vulnerable to disease, but we now have the added factor that it is damaging our skin!

Basically, sugar breaks down your collagen and elastin preventing regeneration which causes your skin to sag and develop lines and wrinkles. But everybody loves a little sugar now and then, especially around the holidays. So what can we do to prevent it from aging our skin?

Stay calm and sugar on… But only a little.

Here are Five ways to Combat Sugar from Aging your Skin this Holiday Season:

1. Keep the sweets to a minimum: Be conscious of your daily sugar intake and learn to cut back.

2. Use skincare products containing antioxidants: Keep your skincare routine packed with sugarcombatants such our Daily Hydrating Cream which includes an abundance of antioxidants and our Rescue Serum, highly concentrated in Vitamin C to build resilience.

3. Try B1 and B6 vitamins: to prevent the negative effects of sugar-bonded proteins.

4. Water and Tea: Remember to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and detoxifying teas,
such as ginger tea, to promote digestion and aid in breaking down sugar.

5. Break a Sweat: Workout to break down and burn off the sweets and enjoy a little indulging
in holiday treats!