Anti Aging

Keep Your Skin Healthy All Winter Long

By Elizabeth Hall

Your lips, hands and face are the first areas to show signs of the unavoidable wear and tear of winter. Humidity is low and moisture is stripped and denied from the skin. Dry chapped and cracked skin is often painful and embarrassing, but with the right healing and preventative measures, you can remedy the problematic areas and maintain soft, conditioned skin.

Chapped lips are one of the worst consequences of harsh winter weather. Used throughout the day, a lip balm containing shea butter helps to restore moisture and reduce irritation. Balms containing beeswax, such as the Citrus Lip Balm by Eminence actually help form a protective barrier for the lips and help trap moisture to condition the affected area. This aids in protecting your lips against future irritation and dryness.

Hand cream is also essential to use throughout the day. Anakiri’s Flower Fusion Hand Cream is a vitamin reach cream made up of herbal extracts including elderflower and calendula which help to condition the skin and cuticles.

During winter especially, an effective and nutrient rich face cream should be applied both morning and night. A thicker day cream such as Phyt’s Cream Reviderm helps to reduce redness while nurturing sensitive and delicate skin. At night, try Anakiri’s Renewal Night Cream, filled with antioxidants and vitamins and minerals that restore and replenish the skin while you sleep.

There are further preventative measures one can take to help moisturize and heal the skin. A humidifier helps to replenish moisture in the air as you sleep. With your windows and closed and the heat on, dry skin seems almost unavoidable and a humidifier helps circulate moist air throughout your home. Also, try to reduce your shower time and frequency, if only slightly, as hot water and long baths and showers tend to dry out the skin.

And perhaps most importantly, remember to wear sunscreen! Sun protection is not only for the summer, apply an organic sunscreen to your hands and face every day, more frequently if you are outside often.

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