Joanna Vargas Nominated the Best Skin Care Salon In The East Coast By Juli B

Do I love you because you’re beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?
~Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderella

I love this quote! The best part of my job is to see and explore all facets of beauty and hear about your vision of what beauty is.

Juli B Lifestyle & Luxury

In case you don’t know about Juli b, it is a lifestyle and luxury newsletter providing the latest and greatest for all of your restaurant, fashion, beauty, and, travel needs in a dozen cities.

I’m very honored to have been nominated as the best in the East Coast in their beauty category. Check out their site and sign up for their e-newsletters and VOTE for me please!

0. Click on the purple ribbon and follow the link.
1. Once you register, click on the Juli B 2010 style awards link.
2. A new page will open and you’ll click on the “Beauty” category
3. I’m under: Skincare Professional 2010- East Coast
From there they will verify your email and vote.

I’m always amazed that people regard me so well in this industry as I feel that I’m still learning. I can only attribute it to several things: my perfectionism, the pure inspiration I feel every time I do a facial and the fact that I want to make you FEEL even more beautiful!

As always I look forward to seeing you at the salon and thank you for trusting me with your beauty needs!

PS, call 212/949.2350 to make your appointments now.


Joanna Vargas Skin Care