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Interview With Lola Schnabel

Joanna Vargas is known for two things: keeping her famous clients close to the vest and for the amazing, effective skincare treatments she gives. One of her clients, Lola Schnabel, decided to give an interview to NY 1 about Joanna Vargas, her skincare salon, the artwork that adorns the walls of the salon and those amazing facials!

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Source: New York 1
By: Stephanie Simon
March 2009

During the current recession, art dealers are getting creative in how and where they sell their work. NY1’s Arts reporter Stephanie Simon filed the following report.

At Joanna Vargas Skin Care Salon in Midtown the face is a canvas that the treatments beautify. One of her famous clients, artist Lola Schnabel, also shows her artwork there.

“I picked mostly ethereal images because I thought people would be sleeping and they’d open their eyes and want to see something warm, or something fuzzy to adjust in,” says Schnabel.

Schnabel, the daughter of artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel, says over the years Vargas has done wonders for her skin. In turn, Vargas says Schnabel’s work fits the aesthetic of the salon.

“So she helped create the atmosphere of the whole place and it’s kind of beautiful,” says Vargas. “Some clients have purchased pieces through me and they feel like they have a special connection with her because of me.”

At the Ana Tzarev Gallery on 57th Street, what seems like a traditional art gallery is also moving into nontraditional spaces to sell art. The gallery created a splashy billboard and bus campaign to celebrate its opening.

Executive business manager Reed McMillan says it’s a way to reach a new audience.

“Certainly in a financial time like this, it’s an opportunity for galleries to reach some new clientele,” says McMillan. “It’s a chance to try some new, maybe some untested ways to reach the art market.”

At Cafe One in Hamilton Heights, owner Jean Delphonse was approached by local artists to show their work as soon as he opened in 2004.

“They have these wonderful pieces of work but they don’t have space. They don’t have a gallery to put their work up in,” says Delphonse.

He says he likes being able to give artists a space to show their work, and it also benefits him.

“They also invite their friends in and outside of the community to come see their work,” says Delphonse.

The new ideas for display spaces could make an art gallery as commonplace and easy to enjoy as a cup of tea or joe.

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