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I Started Getting Purifying Facials And Light Treatments

I first started breaking out at the age of thirteen. During puberty, my face was covered with acne, and my mom and I tried EVERYTHING to handle it, all different kinds of soaps, toners, and masks. I went to a facialist every week for a while in hopes of making it better, and eventually I even went on antibiotics.

I took antibiotics on two different occasions, but it was never fully handled, and when you stop the antibiotics the acne comes right back (furthermore there were other unpleasant side effects while on the medicine). Once I hit college my skin had calmed down a little, but I still was unable to get my acne fully under control, and switched soaps every few months looking for a solution.

This experience with my skin for the last five or six years had left me extremely insecure, self conscious, and unconfident. I did not think I was pretty, and was somewhat apathetic about ever being able to improve my skin as it hadn’t looked the same since I hit puberty.

Then I found out about Joanna Vargas’s salon and I started going for purifying facials and light treatments. Joanna’s salon is remarkable and different from any salon I have ever been to. The products and techniques are extremely gentle and soothing, whereas previous facials I had received had been painful and I felt like I was damaging my skin. Not only that, but they work!

For the first time I have actually been able to get my skin under control. The light treatments are amazing and not only did they handle my acne, but they reduced the appearance of any marks left behind by it. The texture of my skin itself has been improved, and my skin feels clean, something I haven’t felt for a long time. I think one of the most wonderful things about her salon is that not only are the products the best I have ever used, the women who work there are extremely kind and welcoming, and never once have I felt embarrassed about my skin while going there.

I love my facialist Ashley, she is so kind and helpful and takes a personal interest in how my skin is doing and how she can help me to make it even better. I am twenty two, and for the first time since I started breaking out I have actual confidence in the way I look, and I feel pretty again. Although I know that beauty comes from within, going to Joanna’s salon has helped me in so many ways to feel good about my skin and feel confident again. I am no longer scared to look in the mirror, which is a big deal for me. I will never be able to say thank you enough for your help, and will definitely NEVER stop using your products! Thank you thank you thank you in so many ways. I love your salon, I love the products, and I don’t know that I can properly convey how deep my appreciation to you goes:) your salon has most definitely been the solution I have searched for. Thank you!:):)


Kelly Hoffman
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