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How to Maximize Your Skincare Routine

Your skincare and nutrition will have a far bigger impact on your skin when combined. This means that your diet affects your skin and no matter how good your skincare routine is, this includes skincare products and regular facials, will be limited by your nutrition.

Many experts agree that your diet and external skincare are far more effective when combined together. What you eat provides the building blocks for flawless skin and your skincare products feed your skin from the outside.

When a first time client arrives I listen to what they need and want and are hoping to achieve with their facial and skincare routine. I never stick to a set of skin care “rules” and avoid making my routine more important then the person in front of me. Once I know what they are looking for I ask more questions and determine what kind of lifestyle and nutritional habits they have.

Only then do I began to customize my facial and skincare routine that will work for them. I can recommend what foods to eliminate and what foods are beneficial for their skin. However, we are always working together to eliminate less than ideal skin and achieve the clients definition of perfect skin.

In my prior skincare and beauty blog newsletter I covered what to do internally for your skin. In this issue I want to focus on what your skin needs externally in order to be nourished properly by moisturizers and supercharged serums that penetrate deep and restore your skin to a more youthful appearance .

Here are some of the basic things you need to do for a proper skincare routine that will always work. The first thing you’ll need is the correct cleanser for your face.

This step alone, according to studies, if worked on diligently can make a 50 percent difference in how your skin looks.

Exfoliation has been around since ancient Egypt and should be practice weekly, at least once for sensitive skin and twice for regular skin. Without exfoliation you can’t get rid of dead skin cells or aid your skin in the cell turnover process for healthy skin.

This should be practice by ALL specially if you are in your 40’s as your cell turnover has slowed down dramatically since your 20’s and 30’s.

Lastly, any skincare routine includes regular facials as they have the most immediate and effective CHANGE upon your skin when expertly done. A facial reduces pore size, cleanses the skin at different points, removing bacteria and toxins.

It uses various methods of exfoliation to expose fresh new skin and use creams that use natural ingredients that nourish and soothe the skin with assorted vitamins and minerals. At the end of the facial your skin should be balance, clean and with a healthy glow.

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