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How To Maintain Skin Elasticity & Minimize Cellulite

Two of the most common skin problems, by the time you are 50, are loose skin and cellulite.The development, happens over time, but really gains speed by the time you are in your 50s. Why? Because by that age your cellular turn over is about 60 days.

What can you do about it? The simple answer is preventative treatments that help boost collagen at every turn. These spa treatments and measures need to be started no later than in your 30s. Treatments like microcurrent, radio frequency, LED light therapy and oxygen type treatments are known for boosting collagen and firming skin.

Think of these treatments as if you were going to the gym. You need to do them all. What I mean by that is, do you only do one type of workout for overall health. No, you do a battery of them. You alternate and work on various parts of your body.

Implement as many tools as needed for firmer, younger looking skin. The video below, filmed a few weeks back, gives you a simple and cheap solution that you can do at home.

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