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How To Look Years Younger Without Botox

As we age, I always say its important to take all the proper steps to maintain your beauty. For me, maintaining is the best way to keep people guessing about ones age. Of course, going overboard with corrective measures is more aging than wrinkles in my opinion!

But long before you have to do something drastic, a simple routine of basic care translates to ageless beauty as your mantra: prevent, restore and maintain.

Your Skin Is Beautiful

woman getting an injectable to the face

Wrinkles, sagging or pigmented skin is in essence damaged skin. The major contributors are of course the sun, lifestyle and an unbalanced diet of not enough protein and not enough greens. Balancing these points can lead to improved overall health.

There are two main proteins that keep your skin looking young and vibrant, collagen and elastin.

As you might have guessed, elastin provides elasticity while collagen provides firmness to the skin. Knowing this basic fact gives you the solution for just about any signs of aging.
What you can do and what I recommend are two different things.

There are many solutions for each of the problems I’ve mentioned. The route I preferred and recommend is more holistic and it deals with the natural process of the skin and what it needs in order for it to regenerate beautifully and glowing.

LED light therapy has started a virtual revolution in skin care. We now have the technology to turn back time and literally erase any unwanted damage that exists from our younger, more carefree days of sun worship. Microcurrent facials are a long-standing method of maintaining muscle tone in the face and for stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Your lips can maintain their fullness, your eyes can have a vibrant youthful look and your laugh lines can be diminished or non-existent, giving your face a glowing fresh look.
The subject of beauty is filled with opinions and is marked with skepticism. How I eliminate both is by only accepting workable solutions and seeing the results in real life. I know treatments work when I look at my clients following a treatment. I love to see face after face walking out of the salon glowing and beautiful.

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