Oily Skin

How to Fend Off the Acne Monster!

The below article from Timothy Frisch, a student at the University of Wisconsin, are full of common sense and can help you a great deal in handling acne. The before and after picture here represents one of my clients that had severe acne but with regular facials and LED light therapy, he was able to fully eliminate it.

First, acne is caused by specific glands that every part of your skin has; particularly your face because of the hair follicles. These glands are called the “Sebum” glands, and they produce the oil that keeps your hair slick and water-resistant. These have been with us since the early days of mankind and were met to keep us dry from water, before shelters came about. These oily glands can get frequently blocked up; especially during our prepubescent and adolescent years.

Acne can be avoided and removed several ways; so just read on down this page for a healthier, and less acne-covered you!

  1. Lifestyle: Acne can be avoided by just living a genuinely healthy lifestyle. If you exercise frequently, sleep well and regularly, and eat a healthy diet of vegetables, meats, and the likewise you will be fine. Acne during your teenage years is natural though; due to the increased hormonal levels, which can stimulate the sebum glands to produce more oil. If this is the case proceed to the next steps!
  2. Don’t Touch: Your hands are the greasiest thing you have. Not to mention the dirtiest thing you have. The less you can have your hands, particularly the fingers, near your face; the better. Grease and dirt from your hand can get clogged into the sebum glands; thus producing pimples and painful memories!
  3. Products: There are products out there that you can purchase to help de-clog your sebum glands. These products, which have a large variance in price ranges – can only work on certain faces. It is advised to talk to your doctor of health-guru which medicine to use and how to use it. Don’t want to waste your hard earned cash on a product that is inapplicable do you?
  4. Don’t Pop: Popping is the last thing you want to do. Even if you see it done on TV or people tell you otherwise – do not pop! You will only spread the acne further. Popping will smear the oils and pus around (gross in itself) and cause other pores to clog up as well!
  5. Washing: Keeping your whole body; not just the face, is vital in the prevention of acne. The less chance of dirt getting in your glands to cause a pimple, the better off you are. So hop in that shower and scrub-a-dub-dub until you are squeaking clean if you truly desire an acne-free life!
  6. Dermatologists: Besides reading this helpful online guide, you could visit your local dermatologist. These skin-experts can tell you exactly what you need to fix your acne problems and they will often have the right stuff to set you on the correct course to baby-smooth skin the day of your visit!

These are just six simple ways in which you can combat the atrocity that is commonly known as acne. This little monster will come back to haunt you at the worst of times; But remember that it happens to the best of us. You might get a nasty pimple before a date; but follow these guidelines and you will significantly lower the chances of that happening.

Timothy Frisch, a student at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, has been dealing with acne since he hit 13. He has learned to tame his skin with the help of products and services of PSCLife.com, a company devoted to bringing health to millions worldwide that is also a quality retailer of such supplements as Cosamin ASU for joint health and Cran Gyn for urinary tract infection.