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How To Achieve Clear Skin And Complexion With A DIY Mask

No matter what your skin type you need to keep your pores clean. Knowing how to clean your pores will keep your skin healthy, blemish and acne free. Probably the first thing to know is that not every clogged pore is a blackhead.

Sometimes the yuk that you see in your pores is a collection of the naturally secreted oil and dead skin cells mixed with a lot of normal skin germ, pollution and dirt.

Over time this accumulation can harden and become what is commonly known as a blackhead, meaning it’s a mixture of dead skin cells that has become a hard plug and gotten stuck in the pores. I made this video to give you a simple way of cleaning your pores but if you want the best and fastest way I know you need a facial with extractions also known as a deep cleansing facial.

Every spa has a different version of this facial which normally includes extractions and various other methods of getting the pores clean.

During this type of facial it is important that the skin be fully prepared for extractions so that the material in your pores can be gently extracted without injuring the skin.

My Oxygen Purifying Facial is my deep cleansing facial that has oxygen at the end.

This is a key steps as pure oxygen is antibacterial and prevents or helps to eliminate breakouts. And when infused with a serum like mine is, it also helps to hydrate and balance the skin.

Another step you can do on a regular basis is to use the Clarisonic brush with a gentle cleanser.

This is a simple way of getting deep into your pores as the sonic waves gently messages the face wash into your skin and cleans your pores.

Also maintaining a regular exfoliating schedule will buff clear stubborn dead skin cells and debris from the surface of your skin so your cleanser can get a little bit farther into your pores.

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