Organic Skin Care

Get Rid of Dead & Dull Skin

plusleanbubblemedThe Clarisonic skin brush with body attachment gets rid of dead and dull skin.

The micro-sonic action from the skin brushes gently, clarifies and revitalizes the skin.

Even makeup is removed six times better than standard cleansing.

The skin is left so clean it actually absorbs products like serums and moisturizers better for greater results. This is one tool that will prevent grime, dead and dull skin from building up. You will be getting rid of the very things that cause breakouts and makes you want to hide your beautiful skin behind makeup, making the problem even worse.

The final result? Pores that are cleaner, skin that is clearer and more radiant as a result.

Please call Joanna Vargas Skin Care Sanctuary in New York City at 212/949.2350 to place your order and if you come to pick it up we will give you a free consultation on how to best use the Clarisonic Brush for great glowing & healthy skin.

Price: $195
Body Attachment: $25
Shipping Option: 10.70 (Priority USPS)