Why Organic Products

Get A Safe, Natural Looking Tan w/o Sun Exposure!

In a few short weeks, the weather will demand you shed the layers of winter clothing. Avoid the embarrassment of pasty white skin with a bronze glow this spring.

My Golden Glow Sunless tan is the best option in sunless tanning because there are no streaks or tan lines.

And for an added bonus…no damaging UV rays!

Imagine Your Glowing Golden Skin!

organic-sunless-tanThe first sunless-tanning product was introduced by Coppertone in 1960! Needless to say it was less than perfect, as this lotion produced an incredibly orange hue. Luckily for us, refinements have been made!

The Golden Glow Sunless tan, starts with a full-body microdermabrasion, creating a silky smooth canvas for an even application of the tanning serum.

The tanning serum I use is made with hyaluronic acid, nature’s own incredible moisturizer, vitamins C, E and Green Tea- all powerful antioxidants to reverse the signs of aging or better yet prevent it.

Additionally, the temporary skin coloring agent, DHA, is made from a natural source of refined vegetables, sugarcane and beets.

The end result will be a vast improvement in skin texture, smoothness and suppleness with a healthy golden glow.

This treatment is vastly different than your average spray tan as it also incorporates pure oxygen as a delivery method for the tanning serum.

Imagine supercharging your tan with the healing and rejuvenating power of oxygen! YOUR SKIN WILL LOOK AMAZING!

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