LED Light Therapy

Forever 21: Create A Youthful Lit-From-Within

According to experts your face and body encounters 5,000 free radicals a day. This is NOT including the fact that your own breathing creates more from within!

Since this is the case you truly need around the clock protection. However, don’t despair! Pure observation tells us bodies don’t just disintegrate from such an assault.

However, the body’s ability to fight back lessens as we age.

Free radicals are a byproduct of daily bodily functions and activities and also come from outside sources like pollution.

Studies show that they are linked to disease and premature aging. What can you do? See the short 2 minute video I created where I explain LED light therapy and how it can help you overcome this problem.

LED Light Therapy: Advance Skin Corrector

Fortunately the body can stabilize these daily attacks with antioxidants, known substances that neutralize free radicals. One of the best sources of antioxidants are berries, fruits and dark leafy vegetables.

It is a great idea to include them in your daily diet as well as some potent antioxidant sources like Goji and Acai berries.

Another way to overcome free radicals is to use skincare designed with antioxidants as their main ingredients. This would be the topical way of handling these scavenger cells.

Look for skincare products that have well know antioxidants like the two mentioned above as well as Argan Oil, Chlorophyll, Vitamin C and E.

In the correct formulas these antioxidants are a great deterrent and facilitators of youthful and glowing skin.


With hundreds of individual clinical studies, including the most well known by NASA, LED light therapy is an ADVANCE skin corrector, reversing the damaged caused by free radicals.

Many different studies show that LED, when used as a skincare treatment, is highly effective, lessening wrinkles, large pores and uneven texture.

This is a restorative and AGE defying treatment if the equipment can generate the same power output and wavelength as those specified in the NASA studies.

You can address aging concerns, from redness to fine lines and beyond. And can produce similar results as those mentioned in laser treatments (over time), without the downtime or potential adverse effects.

LED light therapy and antioxidants are proven ways of addressing aging and restoring skin to a natural, healthy glow. Both eliminate a host of skincare concerns and can create a youthful lit-from within glow.

Adding them to your skincare routine will give you the skin that is firm, youthful and glowing.

And as always, I look forward to seeing you at the salon where we can help you achieve the skin you always wanted.

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