Fine Living

JUNE 2008

New England Fine Living is an online magazine that lets people in on all the finer things in life. They have just written a great article about Joanna Vargas signature microcurrent facial, the Triple Crown Facial. This is one of the most anti-aging facials around and regardless of your age you can benefit greatly from it. This microcurrent facial uses cutting-edge technology like diamond wand microdermabrasion, and pure oxygen infused with a super charged serum.

The diamond tip microdermabrasion wand, uses actual diamonds, that gently exfoliate your skin exposing fresh new skin. The technology of microcurrent, meaning small electric current, so small that it will mimic the electrical current generated by the body’s cells to energized them and thus reestablishing the electrical connection between damaged tissue in order to heal them at a rapid pace. This facial produces collagen and elastin, two vital proteins needed for youthful looking skin. And the oxygen machine is new to the industry and advances the oxygen facial of old into the twenty first century.

Read the full article on Joanna and the various treatments by clicking on the link above.