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Facials Are Always Fashionable

You can be the unwitting victim of a fashion crimes and you can become the willing participant if you aren’t well informed. Like a magician’s slight of hand you can be sold an out-of-style dress or accept the perp’s suggestion of what is fashionable. Well that is why the Fashionator exist, “fighting fashion crime one trend at a time”, to keep us abreast and help us stay clear out of a life of “fashion crimes”. Check out the Fashionator’s blog and the article about Joanna Vargas, a non-offender and a true fashionista herself.


By:Jennifer Merritt
March 2009

Stop and Let Your Skin Smell the Roses

Roses are red, diamonds are clear–did you know they could be used as facial gear?

Neither did I, which is why I was so intrigued by the Red Rose Facial at Joanna Vargas Skin Care in New York City.

Joanna, who looks 10 years younger than she actually is–perhaps the best advertising any esthetician could ask for–is a big fan of organic products and she uses them exclusively. “Think about how you feel physically after you eat fast food for dinner,” she says. “Now think about how it feels to eat a salad. Your skin feels the same way when you use products with chemicals. How do you expect your skin to look its best when you don’t feed it properly?”

This is where the roses and diamonds come in. Meant to increase skin’s hydration and circulation, Joanna came up with the Red Rose Facial after seeing all the red, dry and chapped faces walking around wintery Manhattan–mine included.

The treatment starts with a diamond peel–an exfoliation wand that uses diamonds to slough off dead skin cells and dirt. Next, skin is treated to a red rose cleansing milk, rose toner and a rosehip and maize exfoliating mask, followed by a facial massage with herbal oil. Then comes the extraction, and a mask with rose petal, peppermint and aloe. In the end, Joanna applies a serum with rose and peppermint to soothe the skin, topped off with a little balm for the lips.

I was so relaxed I felt a little lightheaded after it was over (my own fault for sitting upright so quickly). I headed over to the mirror expecting to see a splotchy and reddened face; something I’ve had to contend with after other facials. But no spots! I wasn’t the only one surprised by my clear face, either: On my way out, a client in the waiting room asked if I even had a treatment done!

At $175, the Red Rose Facial is a definite splurge, but well worth it if you’re looking to treat yourself. Even Joanna’s aware that in tough times, facials might not be high on the priority list, so she offered up these tips to help extend the life of a treatment:

• Invest in the proper products (read: organic) and stick to a care routine. “Your facial will last a lot longer if you exfoliate twice a week, cleanse every night and use a great organic moisturizer,” she says.

• Joanna’s favorite budget-friendly products are from Eminence Organics. “My favorite is the Citrus Exfoliating Wash,” she shares. “It’s foaming and has tiny exfoliating beads. It smells great and takes off makeup, too!”

• If you’re a beauty junkie, the one item to splurge on is Phyt’s, an organic line from France, Joanna says. “Their serums are my top-selling products,” she says. “My favorite is Reviderm Serum. It comes in pre-measured capsules and contains chlorophyll which is wonderful in oxygenating your skin.”

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