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Exfoliation For Acne And Spa Facials For Clear Skin

This past summer I did a series of about 30 videos on DIY spa treatments for HowCast. In this video I explain simple methods to help you get rid of acne and achieve clean, clear and glowing skin.

The first step that needs to be done consistently is to use a natural face wash, day and night. You must do this without fail, specially at nighttime since you will be getting rid of the day’s grime, toxins that are created by pollutants and secreted oils. And if you wear makeup you’ll want to definitely remove it.

The second step is to use a paper towel to dry your face as this will prevent you from using the same towel over and over again and thus preventing you from spreading bacteria back onto your complexion.

Using an exfoliant will help clear your skin by removing dead skin cells and therefore unclogging pores and improving circulation to your skin. Increasing blood flow to your skin will help to bring nutrients to it and oxygen. Oxygen is key as it is antibacterial. If your skin is too inflamed you can also use my Exfoliating Mask as you can leave it on your skin without having to rub it in. It will still do the job.

Getting a deep cleansing facial will help greatly in reducing acne as it will have extractions, thus unclogging pores and it will also encompass the above steps. This type of facial will also use skincare products design to clean the skin, kill bacteria but also to moisturize it.

Many of these spa facials use a blue LED light, proven to kill the acne causing bacteria as well as incorporating red light therapy as it will reduce the inflammation in your skin.

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