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Does Being In Love Make You Younger?

“You make me feel so young”, said Frank Sinatra. Studies show that people in love see improvements in health, mood and their appearance. Here’s how:

When love flows, blood flows: Romance kicks up circulation and pumps up the blood flow to the skin, giving your skin cells the nutrients and oxygen that make you look better and younger then ever!

Love is Life-Changing: A healthy, loving relationship is inspiring of positive life changes. Your partner has a great influence on your self-esteem and can motivate you to grow and make self-improvements. With that in mind, the incomparable joy and happiness one experiences from love triggers an abundance of smiles… Which causes all kinds of wrinkles. Don’t stop smiling, that’s why we have serums. The Joanna Vargas Revitalizing Eye Cream is great for those creases in the eye area caused by smiling while the Rejuvenating Serum will restore firmness, elasticity and hydration to mature skin.

OXYTOCIN: The Dangerous Love Hormone: Oxytocin relieves stress and makes your heart sing. Stress is one of the leading causes of premature aging and even breakouts. Sex, hugging, cuddling and touching can reduce stress substantially. One study showed that hugging spiked couple’s blood levels of oxytocin. The hormone is thought to reduce some of the inflammatory factors that slow down the healing process too while also lowering cortisol production, a stress hormone that can have multiple negative effects on the skin… Which brings us to your next your-skin-on-love-factor…

CORTISOL: Your Skin’s Blue Valentine: Doom is no good for the complexion. Heightened cortisol levels cause inflammation, diminish the immune system and potentially break down collagen. Cortisol enhances dark circles due to more blood in the veins under your eyes. To add insult to injury, it causes a decrease in hyaluronic acid, mother nature’s skin lube. Because Cortisol can clobber your skin’s ability to retain moisture, your skin will be dryer, allowing signs of aging to be more obvious. Stress slows down circulation to the skin because your body sends your blood to your muscles eliminating that natural glow. When you are sad, your skin gets sad too. Sadness causes the blood vessels to constrict causing you to look even paler while tears are dehydrating! Stress happens even when you’re in love but you still have to show up to the office and life. The right serum and a killer moisturizer (like our Daily Hydrating Cream) be your skin’s bullet-proof vest against stress break-outs, aging lines and dryness.

Love’s Excitement Enticement: Love is exciting, and your skin knows it. The small army of tiny capillaries in your face dilate when you’re #excitedaf and can give you the rosy glow you’re going for. With that said, no one can live with 24-hour excitement, that would be exhausting. On your down time, try a radiance boosting sheet mask like the Joanna Vargas Dawn Face Mask to increase your girlish glow.

The power of love might be the best medicine money can’t buy but we can all use a little TLC to keep It even keeps your skin healthy, younger, and brighter…So this Valentine’s Day, fire up your dating apps, go out on the town, or show that special someone how grateful you are to be IN LOVE.