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Do You Have Acne Prone Skin?

Do you have acne prone skin? Then you need to know what Salicylic Acid is and how this skin care essential can help you achieve clean, clear and glowing skin.

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Did you know that Hippocrates wrote about salicin (the precursor to salicylic acid) back in the 5th century BC? He discovered that a bitter powder extracted from willow bark could ease aches and reduce fevers. Who knew that it would one day become instrumental in helping acne-prone skin, too?

So what is salicylic acid, you may ask? This beta hydroxy acid treats non-inflamed acne, and can be found in everything from cleansers and toners to moisturizers. It can even be found in some dandruff-fighting shampoos.

If you’re suffering from bouts of acne, you could definitely benefit from products containing salicylic acid. It encourages the shedding of dead skin cells from the follicle, which in turn keeps your pores clean and healthy—none of that ugly cellular debris. Acne-prone skin can be plagued with bouts of blocked pores, so salicylic acid works to clean them from the inside out.

You may notice that products containing salicylic acid can range in strength from 0.5 percent to 2 percent. The stronger the concentration, the stronger the product—so definitely take care to start small.

One thing to note: salicylic acid is extremely drying. If you use too many products containing salicylic acid at once, your skin will become severely dehydrated. (Take it from me—you do not want to go down this road!)

Guest Writer: Beauty blogger Jamie Allison Sanders got her start in the beauty world at age 4, playing the Youngest Royal Child in The King and I. Discover her love of all things beauty at The Beauty of Life.