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Coffee For Healthy Skin

I have been a coffee snob for some time and have known of plenty café connoisseurs. The stuff is just delectable in spite of the caffeine warnings. And even I have warned you that coffee dehydrates your skin even though it is most parts water. However, as it turns out coffee is rich in antioxidants but please consume it in moderation as it can impact your skin negatively.

If you are a coffee lover than a short anecdote about the origins of this wonderful brew. I prefer choosing organic coffee from its origins in Ethiopia as it is sublime! Yes, Ethiopia is the coffee capital of the globe. The story is that a goat herder stumbled into this brilliant golden discovery when one of his herd chanced upon a coffee bush and was downright giddy with delight afterward. To this day Ethiopia has some of the best coffee with the most elaborate coffee rituals with the rich stuff brewed and served in lovely ceramic pots through daylong social gatherings. Ethiopians continue to offer the ultimate lounge café–minus the laptop.

So the cup-o-Joe part is great, but did you know about the invigorating affects of coffee when used in skin care products? There are wild crafted coffee skin products currently on the market that are used as exfoliants, collagen stimulants, and cellulite reducers. The caffeine in coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that enhance blood circulation and reduce redness in skin when used topically. Those dark circles and puffiness around the eyes from sleep deprivation, dehydration, genetics or stress can be minimized by applying finely ground coffee with your favorite eye cream.

A study conducted by Seoul National University in 1981 found that caffeine nearly equals aspirin in reducing redness and inflammation of the skin. In 2007 the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro completed a study that found the application of caffeine to skin reduced the appearance of cellulite in 70% of its study group. Research done by the University of Sao Paulo in 2008 found that adding caffeine to moisturizing creams significantly reduced cellulite by 17 % in participants in the study.

While the coffee grounds in the tub may not be appealing, the results are. Used as a scrub, finely ground organic coffee doesn’t melt like salt or sugar and gently removes dead skin leaving the skin silky smooth and with an even tone. For your next shower consider throwing in a cup of freshly ground organic coffee to reveal the healthiest loveliest skin imaginable.

Ethiopian Latte Scrub

1 cup organic goat’s milk

1 cup castile soap (almond’s my favorite!)

1 cup freshly fine ground organic coffee (Ethiopian “Harrar” perhaps)

Blend these ingredients together in your favorite glass jar. This is a one time scrub not to be stored, so make it your best bathing experience ever. Your skin will be magnificently cleansed, exfoliated and deeply moisturized. Enjoy!