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Clarify Your complexion With The MultiVitaLight!

How would you like to look and feel more beautiful today? Then read below about the real and immediate benefits this facial will have on your face.

2498052_blogThe MultiVitaLight is 75 minutes of pure concentrated beauty. It has all the basic elements needed and each BOOST the efficiency of the prior step.


THE BENEFITS: Microdermabrasion for fresh new skin, Phyt’s customized cocktail of vitamins and other active ingredients fight and prevent all the signs of aging, refining your face, the powerful LED light treatment to firm and rejuvenate your face, and we end with 98% pure oxygen, infused with an antioxidant spiked serum, leaving your face radiant.

I have to warn you, and this can be attested by anyone that has gotten the MultiVitaLight, after you leave here, you might just get unsolicited compliments on how GOOD you look.

Regular Price: $300
Month of February 2010, Special: $255

Make your appointment at our skin care salon in New York City, 212/949.2350, and no need to hurry, you have 11 days left till the end of this month’s special.


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