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Celebrity Skincare Facialist

Joanna Vargas, an esthetician and University of Chicago graduate with a double major in photography and woman’s studies gives a candid account of her influences in the esthetic field and how she has become recognized as a skin care guru and one of the top celebrity facialists in New York City. You can find her on Google+ and facebook or write to her at [email protected].

Joanna Vargas has worked on celebrities, supermodels and the chic women of New York City with her own brand of facials that will make you look younger and will give you firmer skin without going under the knife. Joanna’s non-invasive techniques and use of all natural and organic skin care products will give you the results you want, clean, clear and glowing skin. Here is Joanna’s account in her own words.

“I arrived in the skincare field via winding road. I moved to NYC with dreams of working as a photographer. After trying numerous odd jobs with some top fashion and art photographers, I decided to try my hand at makeup. Once I had my first skincare lesson, I knew I had found my calling. I love taking care of people and I love having the privilege of meeting people from every walk of life and from every corner of the globe.

My first exposure to the world of organic skin care products was at my first job as an esthetician, Ula Day Spa in Tribeca. Magda used Julique for the spa’s signature treatments, and people really loved the smells, loved the fact that the products were safe. There I gained hands on experience from some really incredible estheticians. Those girls taught me how to really take special care of every client, and how to listen to the clients needs. With a menu of 10 facials alone, I needed to really know about products and ingredients! We carried a product line from Poland that had the most amazing enzyme exfoliating mask. It smelled terrible, but it was the most popular treatment I did because it really left the skin glowing. That mask made a big impression on me that inspired me later!

Next, I went to work for a celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Brad Katchen. His love of products is second to no one. He had an extensive apothecary in his spa which stocked the most exclusive skin care product lines from Europe. Dr. Katchen really taught me about anti-aging treatments. I loved learning about non-organic products and what those ingredients could do for someone looking to really look their best. Just from these two jobs, I had gathered some extremely valuable knowledge- people wanted natural ingredients and they wanted the best results possible.

I met wonderful estheticians along my journey and some icons in the field of skincare too- Jo Malone was a huge influence on me and my esthetic skills, eventually leading to my own creation of celebrity beauty secrets.

Throughout my life I cant tell you how many thousands of hours I spent in apothacaries and shops looking at products and ingredients. I love everything about products, from the packaging to the smells, to even the way people describe something. My favorite gift as a kid was products- lip glosses, bubble bath, lotions. Today my favorite gifts are still products, but I have traded the Orange Crush Bonnie Bell Lip Gloss for Wei Pomegranate Buffing Beads from Space NK!

As far as treatments go, my inspiration comes from all over the map as well. I was taught microcurrent facials as performed in my Triple Crown Facial by an amazing woman from Australia, Joy Kingston. Her knowledge of the face and her techniques with electricity are truly unique in every way. I learned microcurrent by first re-learning every muscle in the face and how it attaches to the body. I learned faradic body treatments from Joy as well. I had never done these types of body treatments ever in my career, but they are simply amazing. Read the full story.