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Caribbean Offerings For Restored Health

As I explored the topic for this article, I came across the typical weddings, tourist fare and the sad old eroticizing of Caribbean people. There were also tales of the never ending skin-bleaching trend that doesn’t seem to go out of fashion globally for dark skin people. While the Caribbean has some of the most awe-inspiring offerings for improving one’s health overall, they are generally overlooked in journeys to an extraordinary bountiful place of beauty and healing.

On the Caribbean side of Nicaragua the locals are extremely knowledgeable about all their environment provides to heal the body and maintain overall good health. Should you be lucky enough, locals will openly discuss botanical solutions for fever, cramping and even diabetes, on a daily errand jaunt. Nicas (native Nicaraguans) cover the gamut from the hermit crabs they call “soldiers” that are prepared as a broth for many ailments including blood pressure to the “rundown” stew also prepared with shellfish that is notably considered an aphrodisiac. In the Caribbean they cover remedies spanning from easing pain to providing pleasure for overall well being.


The natural environment of the Caribbean boasts some of the most extreme relaxation for soothing the body and the soul. The first destination on arrival is generally the beach. No small wonder since the salty sea has the most calming affect of all the elements. Sand, in all its varieties, was the first natural skin exfoliant know to humankind. One day of rolling around in the fine granules at the beach leaves skin polished—free of all the old scales of retired skin cells. On the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, you’ll find black sand beaches. While volcanic black sand is not unique to this French Commonwealth, the majestic hot spring waterfalls nearby are. From red coral to white limestone sand, their mineral richness buffs skin to its full vibrantly soft potential.


On some journey you’ll savor pineapple, papaya, star fruit, guava and mango with all their abundance of fiber and vitamin C to protect your skin from the harsh, often damaging rays of the sun. Then there is the milky moisturizing of coconut for total hydration that builds skin’s elasticity for more youthful appearance. Along the way you may discover fresh passion fruit juice. The fruit pours from the most glorious vine speckled with purple kaleidoscope-like flowers with more health benefits than you can imagine. Passion fruit is loaded with beta-carotene (Vitamin A) for full sun protection, fiber, potassium, polyphenols and (antioxidants). The crushed seeds of the fruit are an excellent exfoliant for maintaining silky soft skin. Finally, oils from the flower provide fatty acids that nourish and help manage dry skin for complete glowing vitality.


There are so many accolades for the essential Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that are present in some fish varieties and provide optimal hydration saturating the body throughout. The Caribbean has a phenomenal selection of fish to sample. Conch is that infamous shell fish in the “rundown” of Nicaragua, so tasty in a coconut stew with shrimp and breadfruit. Although fish has endless benefits for health there are mercury levels to be mindful of in choosing your next dish. Blue crab is considered a good shellfish alternative in areas where there may be mercury level alerts. Cod fish is practically a staple food in the Caribbean that is among the fish the least contaminated with hazardous metals. You can find cod fish balls finely spiced that will delight both belly and health.

On your next trip south, grab your picnic of fresh local Caribbean fruit and head to the beach for the fresh catch of the day while lounging in the eternal sands of time that will reduce the signs of time for visibly restored health and beauty.

Antropia Luna has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Salon Skincare Sanctuary in NYC at. Otherwise trekking the national museum scene freelance.