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Bottled Water: May Affect The Health Of Your Skin

Bottled Water: Not As Pure As You May Think

The idea of bottled water often evokes an image of pure crystal springs of flowing water. Unfortunately, recent tests by organizations such as the Environmental Working Group have discovered an alarming array of toxic contaminants in our bottled drinking water. Theses toxins affect all areas of our body, especially skin.

Tests have found that chemicals used in the production of the plastic bottles contain synthetic estrogen, which leaches out into the bottled water. Excess estrogen is found in other plastic items as well, including plastic storage containers and zip lock bags. The fumes and particles that escape off the plastic leach into our body, and can cause us to produce more estrogen.

A woman’s estrogen level is constantly fluctuating even without the added possibility of excess estrogen. The hormonal imbalance caused by the excess estrogen wreaks havoc on the skin, which is the first place to show visible signs of the body’s disruption. This shock to the system causes inflammation and irritation to the skin, such as rashes and discoloration. Estrogen also causes women to breakout into painful cysts around their jaw line, chin and neck. It can also make the skin very oily and difficult to manage.

Solutions to this issue of contamination include drinking filtered tap water, using methods including reverse osmosis. For everyday use and travel, consider using approved containers such as glass containers, or aluminum bottles, which do not break as easily as glass, and help to keep your water or other liquid cold. It is also important to remember this information when considering your children’s containers as well.

Our skin reflects the treatment and condition of our body as a whole, and often even the slightest disruption or imbalance can be seen. It is important to maintain a healthy way of life on the inside, so that it may reflect outwardly through healthy looking skin. 

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