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What Is The Secret To Ashley Greene Flawless Skin

What Is The Secret To Ashley Greene Flawless Skin
shutterstock_192965324 Lucky: So you're running a 10K tomorrow...props to you, I'm not much of a runner! Ashley Greene: I'm not really either, truth be told. But I feel like has a very good, positive message behind it—it's empowering to women and I'm athletic so I feel like it will end up being okay! Having you been training a long time for this? We've been training specifically for this for a couple of weeks—we focused more on movement and how to run correctly, rather than distance running. My trainer does a lot of metabolic training where you don't actually run on the treadmill for 10 hours—you still get your heart rate up, you get yourself in cardiovascular shape, but you also build muscle and strength. A big thing for me when I first met with Jason was that my knees would hurt every time I ran—it was because my quads were overpowering everything and they were so tight and pulling on my knee and my hip flexor, so our big concern first and foremost was getting everything back to where it should be and strengthening my glutes and my hips to allow them to take over. So we worked on that a lot, and we ran a little bit. A lot of the time he had me run on a 30 percent incline, which is so hard. The first time he did it he had me run a mile and I finished and was like, "Why was that so hard? Why?" That sounds crazy! Well, he told me that it's the incline— I'm never going to be running on an incline, so we started with a mile and ended up getting up to three miles, which was basically as much running as we did, and we focused again on making sure that I felt good and that my body could handle everything without hurting itself. I don't want my knees and hips to be hurting after six miles. Hopefully it works out! Segueing into taking care of your body—your skin is so flawless! What's your morning beauty routine like? Any favorite practices? First and foremost, water. Lots of water. If you have a clean diet and drink lots of water, most of the time your skin stays pretty good. I definitely wash my face morning and night—I have a 10-minute routine, between washing my face, exfoliating, moisturizing and all that good stuff. When I work out the way that I am now, I probably do it three times a day even, just to make sure the sweat and impurities are out of my system. That's pretty much all that I do—I got pretty lucky with my genetics. Any favorite products? I use this line by Joanna Vargas. She's all organic and actually based in NY. Her line has a lot of face washes that are vitamin C-infused and moisturizers that are oils, but they don't make your skin oily or break out. I've used it for a long time, so it's tried and true! And as far as your workout clothes go—are there any places you like to shop for gear? I have so many workout clothes! I wear Body Language a lot, which is LA-based. Of course when I started working with Oakley I basically came into the store and took everything—I don't think women realize that they're making a lot of really cool workout apparel. The colors are very cool and exciting—I didn't really know until I started working with them, but now I have a lot. Everything. What sort of things do you look for when shopping for your workout gear? Definitely breathability! Most of the time I work out in sleeveless shirts and capri pants. Less is more for me when I work out just because the stuff that I do. Also, just by nature, I sweat more, so I get extremely hot. I don't know how people work out in actual sweatpants—it feels so gross! Oh, I know! I do bikram yoga and I see people in long pants—it's mental! Ugh, I can't! I don't understand. Definitely not for me. I'm also one of those really annoying people who likes to match, so my sports bra and my top, my pants, all the way down to my shoes coordinate. I feel like if you're going to work out so much, you may as well feel fashionable while you're sweating and drenched! While we're on the subject of your style, your character in Twilight was really interested in fashion—how did that influence your personal style and your red carpet style over the years? Twilight exposed me to a lot of red carpets, because we had to do a lot of press and premieres. So all of the sudden it gave me access to all of these designers, half of which I didn't even know how to pronounce, but I knew that I liked them! It kind of broke me into that whole world, and the more that I was immersed in it, the more that I loved it. I told my mom one day—fashion is a language of its own, you know? And once I got into it I just kind of became obsessed with it. Any favorite designers right now? I will always love Antonio Berardi and Oscar de la Renta because I think they're tried and true, and they always stick to what they design well—they're not all over the place. I love Helmut Lang a lot. I wear MiH a lot too—their stuff is really cool. On that note, what are some of your summer style must-haves? Well, I just go these Chloé flats—they're the Susanna boot but they made them into flats now—they're black and studded. I saw them yesterday and I had to buy them. I also just bought the black Balenciaga duffle that I wanted—New York is the worst! You're not in your car, you're just walking past it. I feel like if I had been in my car I wouldn't have stopped because I would've known I would get in trouble, but I walked in the store and walked out with a bag! It happens to the best of us! And I mean, I've wanted it for a while, and I already have two pairs of the Chloé Susanna boots—one is a reddish tan and one is black and I wear them all the time—so I kind of know that I'll wear the flats all the time. So you don't suffer from buyer's remorse so much, I'm guessing, since you think through your purchases? I mean, it's generally those staple pieces that I'm going to use forever. My general view on it is that coats and shoes and bags you'll have forever—you can use them forever. With clothing, it's a little harder for me to just impulsively walk in and buy something, because unless it's a white crisp shirt or something really specific, you're going to have it for just one season, and it's a lot of money to spend every season to replenish everything. Well, in New York I walk around a lot, so I damage all of my shoes pretty quickly. Do you have anything that you do to protect everything and make sure that it lasts season after season? Honestly, I just have them repaired. I think you can't really get away from it no matter what, especially if you are in New York, but even in LA walking around, if there's a cobblestone road or driveway… You're screwed! Yep. I have a very good purse cleaner and a really great shoe repair place. Do you have any style icons that you look up to for fashion advice or inspiration? I feel like Cate Blanchett can do no wrong. She always looks so beautiful and stunning in everything that she wears. I think she's very classic—I love her style all of the time. On a day-to-day basis I always love what Rachel Bilson has on. I feel like we're kind of similar as far as style goes. What sort of tips have you gotten from your hairstylist, Ted Gibson, to keep your hair healthy and shiny? I think that glosses are one of the best inventions, because you can put a clear gloss over your hair and it repairs the follicle and makes everything look shiny and good again, so I'm a huge fan. I definitely think—I have this dilemma too—is there a brand of dry shampoo that you really like? Yeah, Oscar Blandi dry shampoo, as well as Oribe—they have a really good one. I have to use dry shampoo, because otherwise, I don't know, it'd just be a disaster. Other than that, I still use Moroccanoil every day. Are you at all interested in the World Cup? I haven't been watching the World Cup—I feel like at this point, it'll be so hard for me to figure out what's going on. Soccer just isn't as big here as it is in Europe. Those athletes—they're crazy, I don't know how they run for that long period of time!]>> <

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