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Top Foods that Keep Skin Radiant During Winter

Top Foods that Keep Skin Radiant During Winter
anti-aging skincare routine. Choosing a healthy diet in general can visibly reverse the signs of aging. Foods with a high content of vitamins A and C shield skin cells from environmental degradation while boosting immunity. Sourcing antioxidants and mineral in fruits such as pomegranates for example, can make the difference in achieving true vibrance. Here are just a few other winter treats that offer robust skin health benefits. 24178234_m Cranberries pack vitamin C and antioxidants to shield dermal cells against the ravages of free radicals. These microbes would otherwise break down the dermis without the protection of these nutrients. Heap that sauce on your plate. Collard greens get a bad rap for being the greasy food in the room, but they offer heaping portions of antioxidants that are critical to fend off damaging microbes from your face. So try a garlic and olive oil saute that’s light, healthy and delicious. It’s the multi-vitamin veggie that will have your skin thriving with radiance. Turkey, the holiday favorite, has essential galactoarabinan that builds connective tissue which brings elasticity to your skin for an ageless complexion. So indulge on the tryptophan high that can improve dermal health. Salmon may be on the menu of pescatarians (fish lovers) and thankfully. This oil-laden fish is rich in omega fatty acids to plump up skin cells. The result is a glowing visage with refined texture as the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are held at bay. Spinach, may be the appetizing dip before the big meal. This veggie is loaded with iron to enhance blood circulation. When blood flow is regulated, cell turnover gets a boosts which shows beautifully on skin. While saute is healthier, it is the holiday. Sweet potatoes, served roasted, can practically double as dessert. But most don’t know that they provide potassium, vitamin A and phytochemicals to protect the skin against the early onset of aging. Don’t leave out the pumpkin pie! The holiday gourd of choice has tons of vitamin A that strengthens skin as it shields it from UV damage--yes the sun is still present this time of year. And if you’re treating yourself or someone you love to a facial during the gift-giving season, word on the street is there is a much sought after pumpkin facial awaiting you at a top NYC day spa... Consult with an aesthetician at Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary to inquire about this seasonal facial that’s received rave reviews! Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University--now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC. Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene... ]>>

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