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The Three Products You Need To Quench Your Skin During Your Holiday Travels

The Three Products You Need To Quench Your Skin During Your Holiday Travels
In order to understand how to treat skin while you're traveling, you have to first understand why the air on planes can be so damaging. At 32,000 feet, the air around you is incredibly dry - a product of both your altitude and the plane's pressurization. When the air is this dry, it attracts moisture from whatever it can find in a process called osmosis. Simply put, plane air is literally drawing the moisture from your skin. This means that people with dry skin will get exponentially drier, while those with oily skin will produce even more oil to compensate for dehydration. Yes, the thought of it is truly disturbing - but luckily, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself (and no, it doesn't mean you're forced to travel by boat instead). The key to protecting your skin from a total loss of moisture is to be proactive. In other words, make sure to pack products with plenty of hydrating ingredients. If your flight is longer than a couple of hours, you'll want to have a mid-flight moisture rejuvenation arsenal on hand - particularly for the delicate and easily dehydrated skin around your eyes. Luckily, Joanna has developed a few products that are perfect for this exact circumstance, beginning with her Revitalizing Eye Cream. Bioactive ingredients in this formula assist in reducing eye puffiness, renewing and hydrating the skin, and improving overall complexion. The Revitalizing Eye Cream is truly restorative, and at 15 ml, the size is perfect for your carry-on. Once you've smoothed on the Revitalizing Eye Cream, parched passengers can rock the Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Firming Mask. This mask works in tandem with the Revitalizing Eye Cream by bringing moisture to the skin - in fact, the hyaluronic acid in this mask can hold up to 1000x it's weight in water. This is something you can leave on for your entire flight to let the skin drink in its benefits (and if your flight is long enough for your skin to absorb all of the serum from the mask, you could even put on another one right after). These two products will ensure that the skin around your eyes looks refreshed, de-puffed, and bright when you step off the plane at your destination, but what about the rest of your face? Never fear, the Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum is ready to work overtime. Not only does it rehydrate the skin, but the jojoba oil inside the serum ensures that your pores will have a strong defense against sebum overproduction - in other words, they'll stay nice and clear. Grabbing these three travel essentials (not to mention drinking plenty of water) will completely change your skin's reaction to a long flight. No matter where your journeys takes you this holiday season, there's simply no need for your skin to suffer.]>>

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