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Shrooms for Skincare: Snow Mushroom

Shrooms for Skincare: Snow Mushroom
Two words: Tremella Fuciformis. While this may sound like a spell straight out of the pages of a Harry Potter book, “tremella fuciformis” is actually the scientific name for the snow mushroom – a species of edible fungus commonly used in Chinese medicine and cuisine. Beyond its usefulness in soups and stews, this naturally derived botanical (also referred to as snow ear or white jelly mushroom) is also an incredible skincare ingredient! Like hyaluronic acid, snow mushroom extract is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the skin, allowing the skin to glean a larger amount of moisture from the products with which it is used. Unlike the traditional hyaluronic acid used in most skincare products, however, the snow mushroom is all-natural. Additionally, snow mushroom extract contains particles that are much smaller than that of hyaluronic acid – allowing it to penetrate the skin more easily and deeply. So how can you get in on this latest skincare trend? Try starting out with our Euphoria Face Masks! Using a combination of bamboo and snow mushroom extracts, dried aloe vera gel, Vitamin D, and sodium hyaluronate, Joanna’s Euphoria sheet masks take the skin from red and reactive to calm and cool. Peel away the plastic backing and apply the moistened side to clean, dry skin. Squeeze the excess serum from the pouch and apply it to the neck, décolleté or hands, then wait 15 to 20 minutes while the serum works its magic. When time is up, remove the mask and lightly massage any remaining serum into the skin, taking care to not waste a single drop! Grab your own box of Euphoria Face Masks here, and make sure to tag us in your best #GirlsGlowBetter post-mask selfies on social media! ]>>

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