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One of Joanna Vargas Perfect Skin Care Secrets: Argan Oil

One of Joanna Vargas Perfect Skin Care Secrets: Argan Oil
Rejuvenating Serum is argan oil. This miracle oil has gained huge popularity in the field of anti-aging skincare as a multi-purpose ingredient for perfect skin. The Argan Oil Tradition Used for centuries by Berber women to nourish and protect their hair, skin and nails in their harsh arid environment, it is now an income source for female-run cooperatives which produce this rare and exotic oil for the cosmetic industry worldwide. Pressed from the seed of the Argan tree, this oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and fatty acids. It's beneficial properties are perfect for treating a variety of skin ailments as well as protecting the skin from aging prematurely. How does Argan oil benefit your skin? Squalene, which occurs naturally in plants and animals, is a component of argan oil. Chemically similar to the sebum in skin, it's cell-regenerative qualities are easily absorbed into the skin. Squalene has been found to be effective in the healing of scar tissue and the prevention of stretch marks. Argan oil’s free radical-fighting abilities are enhanced by the presence of carotenoids. This vital source of Vitamin A gives the skin an even tone and healthy glow. Working together with the antioxidant ferulic acid, they protect against and can even reverse UV damage caused by overexposure to sun. It is surely the best facial oil for dry skin. Argan oil contains 7 essential fatty acids including linoleic and oleic acids, which help retain moisture in the skin in harsh weather conditions. It is an ideal remedy for the dryness in mature or wrinkled skin caused by the reduced production of collagen and elastin. Beyond the applications for skin health and beauty, argan oil is also believed to promote hair growth and counteract the fragility of the hair follicles. Squalene is believed to prevent hair loss and is a highly effective conditioner for the reduction of split ends and frizz. The Berbers use it as staple part of their diet, mixing it with almond paste much like peanut butter. The oleic acid content helps to lower blood cholesterol. It is a good way to increase fat intake without risking cardiovascular problems. Applying this rich oil introduces flavonoids into epidermal tissue, where it acts as an internal anti-inflammatory. Argan oil is not only a miracle botanical from top to toe, but it also works from the inside out.]>>

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