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Natural Face Care Products: Preserving Your Skin the Moroccan Way

Natural Face Care Products: Preserving Your Skin the Moroccan Way
luxury spas in New York City, a part of the ethos is sourcing the finest ingredients for natural face care products. One such ingredient in the finest skin care lines is the all nourishing Argan oil. This lush botanical in found high-end lines because of it’s undeniable restorative properties when used as part of daily skincare routine. The top day spas understand what Moroccan women have known for centuries: argan oil is the ultimate way to treat aging skin. This is why it is requested and used in many of their spa treatments. Argania spinosa - the Argan tree is an ancient relic that is indigenous to the Souss Valley in southwestern Morocco. These slow-growing evergreens have a lifespan of 125 to 450 years. It takes 50 - 60 years for the tree to mature and bear fruit. The fruit of the Argan, an oval berry, the size of a large olive encases a hard nut which houses one or two youth enhancing oil-rich seeds. How does Argan oil restore youthful skin? In addition to the abundant vitamin E content this “miracle” serum offers, it is also nourishes and hydrates epidermal tissue with 80% essential fatty acids for healthy radiant skin. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when choosing Argan oil that has been sustainably harvested for the best skin care products: Saponin preserves hydro-lipid tissues and enriches the skin to help temporarily reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Sterolins are also a vital compound that enhance moisture retention and plumps the skin for a toned smooth complexion. The features unique compounds such as: Schottenol and spinasterol are compounds unique to this North African oil. They are the most potent anti-inflammatories that are reliable treatments for acne, sun burns, and rosacea. Tocopherols are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin against environmental factors. Exposure to UV, toxins, pollution, smoking and innumerable chemicals take a toll on skin without the effective antioxidant shield of Argan. Triterpenoids as an active ingredient used for damaged skin cells, disinfect wounds, soothe inflammation due to UV exposure, and diminishes blemishes. Women who process Argan for all who use it… Known to the Berber community as “tree of life”, they have used argan as a source of medicine and nutrition for centuries. The enriching oil is produced by women’s cooperatives in Morocco. Through fair-trade, Argan oil production provides the Berber women with a dependable source of income, a means of improving their financial independence and it opens better access to health care and education. The rich serum has been the most valuable resource as a staple of their diet, health and skincare regime. Traditionally, the kernels were collected by hand and left to dry. The seeds were then arduously extracted and hand-pressed by the women for domestic use as needed. This traditional cold-pressed process takes 12 to 20 hours to produce one liter of light golden brown oil. Oil made in this manner has a shelf life of up to six months. Stored argan kernels remain viable for about 20 years if unopened. Easy to see why it is the rarest oil from trees that were officially declared “endangered” by UNESCO in 1999. In choosing your organic Argan oil skincare be sure to carefully read labels and inquire at your favorite day spa about sustainably harvested options.]>>

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