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Mineral Makeup Mania: Is It Better Than The Chemical Variety?

Mineral Makeup Mania: Is It Better Than The Chemical Variety?
Well the benefits of mineral make-up are here to change that tragic make-up tale. Mineral makeup is all natural with no preservatives, harsh chemicals, oils, talc, perfumes, and alcohol. This make-up also boasts a zero count of comedogenic ingredients and is a pure product that is recommended for sensitive skin. When you choose a mineral based make-up you find that it is very light weight on your skin and does not block your pores, as comedogenic products do, allowing your skin to breathe. The added benefit is that most mineral foundations contain minerals that naturally protect your skin from ultra-violet solar rays. Certain minerals have inherent sun protection factor (SPF) components like zinc and magnesium. These minerals will aid in screening your skin from damaging exposure to the sun especially in the beach-going summer months. Now, remember how the throw-back chemical makeup option left your skin feeling weighted down with comedogenic ingredients that blocked your pores. The preservatives harbored bacteria that led to more acne on your face to be concealed. You found yourself running to the ladies room regularly to check your makeup for breakdowns in the very obvious “mask” appearance that chemical makeups create. Then you’d promise yourself you would find the non-smearing “fountain of youth” solution to your makeup problems where your skin would have the protection to brave the sun. If you’re the kind of person who knocks out for the night before remembering to remove your mineral make-up you won’t wake up the next day like a B movie actress with the evidence on the pillow. Mineral makeup is suited to all skin types and tones regardless of your age. With mineral foundation you can bid “adieu” to the appearance of skin conditions like acne and rosacea. You will be able to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, conceal blotchy skin, and mineral makeup will blend naturally to give you the most radiant healthiest looking skin possible. Since you only have to apply mineral makeup once a day it is the low maintenance beautifying option that gives the ageless glow to skin that makes you feel like you’re wearing no makeup at all. So when you compare that to the chemical-laden makeup of the past there is no contest. Your skin will be flawless when you choose mineral makeup to promote your skin’s natural gorgeousness.]>>

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