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Microcurrent Facials: Face Treatments For Celebrities

Microcurrent Facials: Face Treatments For Celebrities
flawless skin because the paparazzi can be nearby —a very public lifestyle. So it’s no wonder they have tapped into face treatments of near mythical results. Celebs in the know, when it comes to the best face care, have hunted the top skin care gurus in NYC and LA who offer holistic spa treatments as alternatives to surgical procedures, such as micro-current facials. Why? Because this path leads to radiant and ageless skin of exceptional health.
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facials and spa visits for healthy and beautiful skin. This choice is what keeps them looking so effortlessly young and beautiful and also helps them avoid going under the knife down the line. In your teens through twenties micro-current facials can reduce acne breakouts by regulating sebum production. When customized for your skin type this can help cleanse unclogs pores so pimples and blackheads are less likely to form. Less acne means fewer blemishes and ultimate clarity. The result is a smooth flawless complexion— acne-free. When you cross the 30 year threshold, these facials helps to maintain firm skin and also maintain silken texture, so there is no need to opt for Botox or other chemically-induced enhancements. The early signs of maturing skin are not an issue when you’re dedicated to a natural face care routine using this cutting edge therapy. If you choose micro-current treatments after age 50, it is a reliable way to naturally lift the visage and firm the décolletage. Wrinkles are softly pulled taut, so the expression is one of elegance. There is no superficial stretching of the facial features that is common with Botox or plastic surgery. The real you is rejuvenated to age as nature intended: beautifully and gracefully. How is micro-current applied? This topical face care is applied through a precision wand that emits mild electrical currents. Micro-current is “like having a magic wand,” says Joanna Vargas founder of one of the best day spas NYC, Joanna Vargas Salon, Skincare Sanctuary. The reason she believes, as many of her celebrity and professional clientele do, is micro-current visibly reduces the signs of aging temporarily. As a skilled aesthetician guides the wand to target areas of the skin with the most need, fine lines are minimized, while the jawline, brows and cheekbones are sculpted for a refined youthful appearance. Spa And Facial: How micro-current delivers natural face care We naturally have electrical currents coursing through our bodies as part of our life force. However this flow is disrupted when there is damaged tissue, epidermal or otherwise. By applied this therapeutic technology, backed by scientific research and trials, you actually reconnect those essential currents because the skin is effectively healed. Connective tissue is restored and intact so the epidermal cells function at optimum capacity. So you’re not sticking your head in a socket—it’s not a Frankenstein experiment. It is truly reliable and natural age-reversing skincare. There are no incisions, chemicals applied, recovery time, or nagging side effects. What you get instead is a gentle thorough facial that luxuriates the skin. Organic botanicals, including nutrient-rich serums and hydrating moisturizers, lavish the face for unrivaled exuberance. Finally start reaping the benefits of superior skin care today and stop wondering if you can have beautiful skin. Call for your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350 and if you are a first time client GET $50 off your first treatment. P.S Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and if you want essential skin care tips and tricks sign up to our newsletter, bottom of the page under in the box “Sign Up For Updates”. >>>

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