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How Do Almonds Improve Your Skin’s Health?

How Do Almonds Improve Your Skin’s Health?
How Do Almonds Improve Your Skin’s Health? Almond trees have origins in the Mediterranean where they grow wild. It was first domesticated in that region between 3000-2000 BC. The precious fruit was found scattered in King Tutankhamen’s (“Tut”) tomb dated 1325 BC. More recently the tree is cultivated in California, a climate friendly to this tree found native as far away as the Levant, the Eastern Mediterranean. But beware of the wild variety that bears hydrogen cyanide at the slightest bruise setting forth the process for the toxic chemical. In contrast to its highly toxic wild counterpart, domesticated almond trees yield some of the most beneficial foods for the health of body and skin. When used topically as part of a daily skincare regimen, almonds help with puffiness and dark circles around the eyes due to sleep deprivation and stress. As a cleanser and moisturizer the fruit helps to temporarily minimize fine lines as it reveals smoothness and firms the skin for maximum even tone. Almond Flour for Cleansing and Exfoliating You can use almond for skincare from cleanser to moisturizer with admirable results. Organic almond flour can be found in bulk at your local whole foods market, for the least processed product with no preservatives that adversely affect skin. Blending almond flour with honey and a bit of Castile soap will help to soften dead skin cells to bring forth fine skin beneath. The flour is a gentle exfoliant that also moisturizes skin while promoting the healthy growth of new skin cells. For an intensive hydrating mask you can try applying this Mediterranean mask: Organic Almond, Honey and Olive Oil Mask ½ Cup organic Almond Flour 3 Tsp. organic Olive Oil 1 Tsp. raw organic Honey Mix for an even paste and apply to freshly cleaned skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Your pores will breathe easier, with noticeably restored elasticity to your flawless skin. With honey in the mix you have the added benefit of erasing blemishes when used regularly over time in your skincare rituals. Almond Oil for Nourishing After it’s been processed, this ancient nut deeply penetrates the epidermal layer and hair follicles for potent moisturizing that has longevity—this means your body retains the hydration almonds provide for longer periods of time than your average moisturizer. Sweet almond oil is a staple in my home for both hair and skin because it is very light weight and does not clog pores or leave a heavy greasy residue. Whether it’s deep summer or mid-winter, this oil will effectively relieve extremely dry hair and skin giving it restored vitality of youthful glow of good health. Almond Milk for Relaxing Bath There is a new fascination out there among alternative-lifestyle folks for making almond milk to avoid a lot of he chemical additives in store bought varieties. You are sure of the purity of final milk in this way. That organic milk can be poured into the tub for a luxurious (vegan) milk bath for ultimate lipid relaxation. Choose your favorite aromatherapy, essential oil and add it to a bath of almond and coconut milk that will leave your skin unrecognizably soft and supple.]>>

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