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Complete Antiaging Body And Face Care

Complete Antiaging Body And Face Care
LED light therapy to my day spa in NYC I did not know how popular this spa service would be. The machines I purchased were for the face only but by adding extra LED light pads I could also do hands or other areas of the body. LightBed The results and the comments from my clients were what got me thinking about a full body LED light machine. The first step was to see if any such machines existed and what I found out was not looking so good. However it was fortuitous that one of my clients happens to be on the board of Norlux, a reputable company that makes LED for the likes of NASA, the NAVY and Boeing. I presented my research to them and they had the engineering background to make my dream a reality. Today my LED light bed is a one of the most sought after treatments at the spa and has been issued Patent No. US 8,425,577. The summer sun can be unforgiving to your skin and the damage that it will incur can be devastating to your looks. This summer use my LED light therapy bed (with red and infrared light) to hydrate and calm the skin from sun expposure and other factors that rob it of its youthfulness and life. Call Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary in NYC to make your appointments NOW and if you are a first time client get $50 off. 212.949.2350 To find out more about LED light therapy click here. And lastly follow us on Twitter and Facebook]>>

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