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Best Food Choices To Slow Down Aging

Best Food Choices To Slow Down Aging
A lot of beneficial products are now in the market but very few of them can actually help slow down the aging process of the skin and body. To really be prepared in this chapter of life, your nutritional foundation must also adapt. As you age, your nutrition needs are also changing, and so you need concentrate on the kinds of foods that will help your body now. You may have gotten away with impulse eating of high fat comfort foods that offers very little nutritional value when you were younger, but in your later years, you can no longer remain on this kind of diet. Remember that the seeds you sow when you were younger, you reap when you are older. To be younger looking inside and out, concentrate on these food groups: Good fats Not all fats are bad. The good kind - like monounsaturated fatty acids that can lower bad LDL cholesterol, and increase cardio-protective HDL cholesterol is a must to add on your anti aging diet. Omega 3 fatty acid is another "good fat" that you need. This keeps cells functioning properly, fights inflammation, helps reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and helps to lower high blood pressure. Walnuts, flax seed, salmon and tuna are some of the best sources of the heart-friendly good fat. Fiber As you grow older, the body's capacity to detoxify itself also slows down. A great way to aid the body's detoxification process is adding fiber into your daily diet. Fiber helps in capturing and removing toxic particles that are present in the body and eliminates it through the bowels. Fiber also helps keep blood sugar levels steady and is good for the heart. Adding pineapples, grapefruits and green leafy vegetables can boost your fiber intake daily. Protein Protein is essential as is provides the building blocks for the daily repair of our body's cell. Keeping your cells healthy is essential especially during the later years in life when the cells have a harder time repairing themselves. Good sources of protein are skinless white meat, egg whites, fat free milk and beans. Aging is something that will come around and happen to everyone, and so this stage in life must be faced with grace and optimism. Instead of fear of being sickly and weak when you age, you can be at your optimum health even at an older age by carefully choosing what you eat. You can be younger looking in both mind and body when you tailor fit your diet especially for your changing nutritional needs. You can be healthy and younger looking at any age! To learn more information on health and wellness, visit Article Source:]>>

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