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Best Acne Treatment in New York City

When I first started going to Joanna Vargas, I was really excited. I had heard and personally seen the great results she is able to get, specifically on acne.

I have had acne for at least three years now and I has been uncomfortable and even upset at times. So, I was actually almost too excited to finally do something to get rid of it!

However, I was definitely a little apprehensive about approaching the subject of diet since I knew there were changes I was going to have to make in order to effectively handle my skin.

My first impression when I went to my first appointment at Joanna Vargas, was that the whole space was very calm (in a good way) and also very personal. The staff were really welcoming and accommodating.

I really enjoyed the first treatment, which I received from Joanna herself. The whole process was relaxing (well, most of it. You do have to get your skin squeezed at some point, but you just have to remember – it’s a good pain!)

Joanna answered all my questions about the products she was using on my face and gave me plenty of extra advice about caring for my skin, which has continued to be very easy to follow and effective. I felt even more confident after that point, and was glad to hear from Joanna that she felt my skin could be handled fairly quickly.

Additionally, the diet change was not scary at all. The main points were A) Green veggies with each meal and B) No soda. Joanna made a point to explain to me that soda turns into a tar-like substance in your stomach, which your body cannot digest, which it then attempts to push out through your skin. So that made it a LOT easier for my to refrain from soda!

Joanna provided me with the right products for my skin to use night and day as well.

All in all, I felt more educated and confident about my skin after the first visit, and also determined to handle it!

As I continue to come in for my appointments (just half an hour long each) I started doing “light treatments”, which was explained to me as a light applied to your skin which activates the healing process of your cells.

That sounded pretty effective to me! After doing light treatments, I have actually gotten comments that my skin looks younger (I’m still pretty young, so that’s quite a statement!)

I have been using the products given to me, eaten some form of vegetable daily (working up to every meal!) and after just two weeks, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my acne. My skin is more toned and I feel much better about its appearance and feel (it’s super soft!).

Making these slight changes in my diet and using the products night and day has not been a ‘struggle for discipline’ at all, like I thought it might be, because I am so excited to handle my skin and can see that I am well on the way to handling it.