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Berries Can Give You Ageless Skin

What I’m about to tell you is NOT ground breaking news, however it bears repeating as your longevity, health and beautiful skin are part and parcel of the following piece of information.

Berry fruits contain chemical compounds that are found to be beneficial for your health. When consumed, these compounds act as natural antioxidants and prevent cell injury which is absolutely VITAL in preventing aging.

And according to an article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry it stated that:

“An overwhelming body of research has now established that the dietary impact of berry fruits has a positive and profound impact on human health, performance and disease.”

And even more recently the International Berry Health Benefits Symposium documented that eating berries improves energy and human performance. Also, because of their possible action on genetic material, berries seem to reduce degeneration and promote healthy aging.

Berries form a part of the nutritional formula that translates into perfect, glowing skin for you.

Berries Prevent Aging Skin

When most people hear the word “anti-aging” in skincare, they immediately think of older, more mature skin, that needs to reverse the signs of aging.

And this is partly true, however, I always say that “anti-aging” also means using preventative skincare treatments and routines in order to avoid the pitfalls of aging skin. Anyone, no matter how old you are, can benefit from them.

Eating berries, in my estimation, falls under nutritional skincare. The anti-aging berry repairs your skin and prevents it from aging.

Most people in North America are well aware of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and strawberries. These are the most common berries and can be consumed as a yummy snack, in your cereal as a natural sweetener or with your yogurt.

However, some less known but stellar examples are the Himalayan Goji berries and the Brazilian Acai berries.

Goji berries are actually a super berry according to many nutritional and medical studies and research shows that they contain more Vitamin C than oranges, more iron than meat, and more beta carotene than carrots. They also contain a considerable amount of Vitamin B complex, up to 19 amino acids and 21 trace minerals and are of course loaded with antioxidants.

Acai berries have been touted as a super food in scores of articles by nutritional experts and even Oprah did a show highlighting the nutritional value of the Acai berry.

Medical journals state that this powerful berry has about ten times the amount of antioxidants as most fruits and it’s only the size of a grape.

However, you will only find acai berry in juice or powder form in U.S supermarkets due to it’s highly perishable nature.

Most experts agree that this rare energy fruit is their number one super food for great health and beautiful looking skin.

The reason is that the acai berry is loaded with antioxidants, healthy fats, amino acids, the building blocks to protein and it is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

And as you can see integrating one or more of these berries into your diet will improve your overall health and give you beautiful looking skin now and in the future.

Beautiful looking skin is NO accident. You must work at it and the best part of it is, that once you begin to see results you won’t want to stop.

Your skin is a great asset and when you have it in the best condition you can, you will feel very satisfied in the way you look.

Spring is upon us and the summer is not far away and I want to see you and your skin looking your very best.

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