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Bed Time Beauty Habits for Beautiful Skin

If you are not yet a believer in the power of sleep, then you’re missing out on one of the key (and totally free!) components of an anti-aging skin-care routine. Yes, folks, beauty sleep is a real thing, with just a few nights of missed sleep resulting in sallow skin and puffy eyes and chronic sleep loss can lead to lackluster skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. In excess amounts, cortisol can break down skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic – which means, in a nutshell, that too little sleep actually causes you to age faster. During sleep is when the body does an amazing amount of repair work, so the more help you can give this crucial process, the better the results will be. Read on for ten simple things you can do to wake up more glowy and less grumpy (‘cause frown lines are no friends either).

Block blue light

7-9 hours of sleep is ideal but many people also experience poor quality sleep in addition to too little, because of the melatonin-disrupting blue light from indoor lighting and electronic devices. Melatonin is a hormone that signals our bodies and brains that it is time to get tired and go to sleep. Blue light, whether from the sun or a laptop is very effective at inhibiting melatonin production. Try turning off all lights in your home 1-2 hours before bedtime, get a reading lamp that doesn’t emit blue light (red or orange), keep your bedroom completely dark or wear a sleep mask, wear blue-blocking glasses at night.

Remove all your makeup. All of it.

Your skin will thank you when you diligently remove all traces of makeup – a face completely free of mascara and colored cosmetics means cleaner, clearer pores, less breakouts, and better absorption of moisturizer and treatments. Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash is gentle and effective at removing makeup (including mascara), and is loaded with skin-loving antioxidants.

Don’t sleep with two pillows

Although there is a new trend that tells you to prop your head up on an extra pillow to prevent puffiness, this might not be good for your spine. Ideally, your pillow should elevate your head and neck just enough to keep your spine straight while you sleep and airways opened.

Pump up the humidifier to plump up your skin

A barrier moisturizer that contains shea and cocoa butters provide emollient hydration that infuses your skin with omega fatty acids for improved elasticity. Combine it with an air humidifier in your bedroom will produce long lasting hydrated, plump-skin, which is more resistant to irritants and allergens but also diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

Sleep on silk

Cotton pillowcases are very rough on skin and hair. A silk or satin pillowcase is worth the extra splurge for reducing dryness (I’m talking to you, side-sleepers) and frizz. Change or wash your pillowcase at least every 3 to 5 days.

Wear a bun, Hun

Taking a shower nightly is probably best since your hair traps dirt and oil that can get on your face and pillowcase and cause breakouts. If this is the case consider a shower if not bun your hair and prevent it from getting in your face.

Treat hands and cuticles

Moisturizing your hands with a thick hand cream will keep your hands and fingernails looking their best first thing in the morning. Your hands get dried out during the day from exposure to dry air and excessive washing. Massaging fingernails with coconut oil will also keep cuticles and fingernails moisturized so that they grow longer and stronger and break and peel less. Your hands will also love the excess serum from a sheet mask like Joanna Vargas Forever Glow Anti-aging Mask.

Try a leave-on exfoliator

While you sleep, the skin is working hardest to repair itself. This is the best time to apply leave-on exfoliators, to give the ingredients time to absorb and correct damage to the skin caused by UV damage and environmental aggressors.

Dab on eye cream

A moisturizer, formulated specifically for eye area, like Joanna Vargas Revitalizing Eye Cream, contains peptides and other concentrated ingredients that support elasticity and fortify the delicate skin around the eyes.