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Beauty Tips From Mom

Young women everywhere have gotten skincare and beauty tips and tricks from moms since time immemorial. These beauty tips have been handed down like heirlooms and are practiced for the sole reason of achieving perfect skin. It is no secret that clean, clear and glowing skin makes one feel wonderfully beautiful and erases years from ones complexion. How do we achieve it? Read on as Fiorella Valdesolo has asked top beauty experts, like Joanna Vargas, to reveal what they are.

By Fiorella Valdesolo
May 7, 2009

“Whether or not we like to admit it, oftentimes, mother does know best. Particularly when it comes to beauty. Who hasn’t copied a few of the beautifying rituals of their own mommy dearest? So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked some of our favorite beauty insiders to share the tips and tricks they picked up from their own moms that have managed to stick with them over the years.”

“Bathe in rosemary to soothe skin and sinuses

2885989_blogI got lots of inspiration from my mom. She was a model as a young woman, so she had lots of beauty rituals. She would boil a cup of chamomile flowers and a cup of dried rosemary every night for an hour on the stove. Then she would run a bath and mix the concentration into her bath water and rinse her hair in it. She said it was soothing for sensitive skin and detoxing for the skin and respiratory system. I did it for my son’s sensitive skin every day his whole first year. And when he is sick, that bath water clears out a stuffy nose like magic! Rosemary water is also good for a dry, itchy scalp and psoriasis.” —Joanna Vargas of Joanna Vargas Skincare

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