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Beauty Secrets Of French Women

Some women put emphasis on quality skin care products and regimens. This has been always been true of French women and this is reflected in the country where “facial salons,” as they are known there, flank the streets of major cities and small villages alike.

And to compare, France, has as many facial salons as the United States has nail salons. This is fierce competition and this is perhaps why French women are known for their meticulous skincare routine.

French Women’s Beauty Philosophy

The beauty philosophy of French women has two cardinals points and they are: prevention is better than a cure and that less is more when it comes to cosmetics.

French women are renowned for their skincare routine and believe that it takes precedence over cosmetics.

This is one of their beauty tips and secrets since they would rather spend money on reputable skin care products then on cosmetics. They believe that makeup was designed to enhance a woman’s features subtly, making her appear naturally beautiful.

Prevention is the first rule in a French woman’s skincare routine and it’s handed down as lore and a rite of passage by mothers onto their daughters.

Mothers take their daughters as young as 15 to the facial salon for regular weekly or monthly facials. It is ingrained in their culture that caring for their skin today paves the road for the future of healthy and glowing skin.

The opposite is true in the United States where women seek to turn back the hands of time only when they see damage appear in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, spots and other skin concerns.

This is why the U.S is the leader in advanced skin care procedures such as laser, chemical peels and other invasive treatments. This is not to say that they are bad, just a different approach and philosophy to skin care.

In France this procedures are not widely used since prevention has taken care of the need to reverse damaged skin. My focus has also been prevention first as this form of skincare is gentler and easier to do than fixing existing skin issues.

The same thing can be said of their products, usually made with natural and organic ingredients to avoid causing skin irritation. Many American women feel if they can’t feel the sting is not working. This is obviously not the case.

Prevention with a workable skin care routine are the bywords of healthy and glowing skin.

The more you care for your skin now with regular monthly facials and a meticulous skincare routine, the less signs of aging you will see.

This is a proven wrinkle eraser and anti-aging secret that will change the how your skin looks forever.

As always, I look forward to seeing you at my skin care salon in New York City where we can help you tweak your existing routine for heathier, more vibrant skin now.

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