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Beauty Breakthrough: Full-Body LED Bed That May Reverse the Hands of Time


Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas has already made her mark in the beauty world with her A-list treatments and natural skincare products, and now she’s revolutionizing the industry with an age-reversing full-body treatment.
Dubbed “the time machine” by her patients, Vargas created the newly patented LED Light Therapy Bed. It looks similar to a tanning bed and features red and infrared lights, both known for their anti-inflammatory benefits and collagen and elastin boosting properties.

The idea arose when a client remarked how she wished she could get the benefits of The Triple Crown Facial — a resurfacing treatment that uses LED light to refine the skin’s texture — on her whole body. ‘Why not?’ Vargas thought.

So she created a full-body Light Therapy Bed that eliminates cellulite and stretch marks, shrinks pores, and gives you a smoother and more even skin tone.

I went in to try a session and was surprised by the gentle nature of the treatment. My first concern was whether I needed to protect a healing wound on my face. “LED light doesn’t damage the surface of the skin [unlike lasers and Fraxel treatments],” she assured me. “It actually helps to correct surface damage.” Score.

The treatment started with microdermabrasion and a quick cleansing facial to prepare the face. Vargas then left the room while I got into the bed for a 20-minute session. Could I feel my body turning back the hands of time? No — I actually couldn’t feel anything. But when Vargas returned, she pampered by face with 98 percent pure oxygen, leaving it silky smooth, hydrated and radiant.

Unlike most beauty treatments that wash off or lose effectiveness, the LED technology is a real therapy. “Doctors use it in hospitals to treat cancer patients, it’s used in sports medicine to heal injuries faster, and it’s used in pain management because it’s actually therapeutic for the body,” explained Vargas. With the light bed, “whatever collagen you build, that’s the collagen that you have — to keep.”

Furthermore, women of all ages can benefit from the LED bed. Younger clients come for its pore-reducing properties, middle-aged women use it to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and older women who don’t want surgery use it for a “healthy alternative,” said Vargas.

The downside? Turning back the hands of time isn’t cheap. A single 30-minute session costs $225 (and $375 if you want Joanna Vargas as your esthetician). For the full results, she recommends about 12 sessions, which may seem steep, but worth every penny to her prestige list of clientele.

“I have a lot of clients who are willing to invest the time and money into it,” she said. “Your wrinkles maybe won’t completely disappear, but they’ll go down to a quarter of the depth they once were — it’s kind of amazing.”