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Beauty Benefits Of Collagen

What are the beauty benefits of collagen and why is this protein so necessary to younger, more beautiful looking skin?

As you age, the body produces less collagen and naturally occurring enzymes break it down. The sun, pollution and your lifestyle choices affect collagen disintegration as well.

These factors cause the skin to thin, lose fullness and form wrinkles. The good news is that collagen can be stimulated and the changes you are seeing corrected.

3 Ways To Improve and Protect Collagen

Skin care products can do three things: maintain, stimulate and protect collagen levels.

Choosing the correct one can significantly improve your appearance, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles or better yet, preventing them. I can help you to choose one if you need.

There are procedures that wound the skin to boost the levels of collagen greatly, like lasers or chemical peels. The results can be miraculous, taking years off your skin.

The erasure of fine lines and wrinkles, improving texture and correcting discoloration are part of the results.

However, recovery time can be significant and other adverse effects like increased skin sensitivity and redness can be expected. As in any procedure, the skill of the practitioner and the health of your skin are a factor.

I prefer to use proven, non-invasive techniques like microdermabrasion, LED light therapy and microcurrent.

They are more gradual but in my opinion have impactful results: more youthful and beautiful looking skin, without the trauma.

Nutritious foods and daily supplements are a great way to restore, regenerate and repair damaged collagen. Something simple like adding more green vegetables to your diet can greatly improve the overall health and beauty of your skin.

The benefits of increasing collagen can be: fewer stretch marks, less cellulite, less wrinkles and tighter skin. I will provide more details in my next newsletter as to why this is.

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