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Attaining Angelina Jolie's Enviable Visage

As you glimpse the ever-present and enviable visage of Angelina Jolie, you may be curious as to how the star maintains her loveliness. With a film career spanning Tomb Raider’s honey, Lara Croft, to her deeper role as Mariane Pearl (wife of kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl). You have seen that gorgeous face everywhere from action to drama.

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Of Native American, Czechoslovakian, and English background the 36 year-old illustrious actress represents the morphing cultural landscape of Hollywood’s stubborn beauty standard. She has the physical versatility that gives her cross cultural access and appeal in terms of her roles and fan base. So, do anti-aging genes come with Angelina’s interracial mixture? If they do, she still wisely chooses a preventative approach to safeguard against premature aging.

The Jolie Anti-Aging Regimen

According to Marie Claire, this sexy actress has a fanatic loyalty to her favorite brand of holistic skincare that has intense age-defying properties. A peptide-laden formula helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles as it plumps the skin for a youthful look. Since her pregnancy with twins, Angelina has obsessively applied a daily serum which inhibits the signs of aging and helps maintain her glowing appearance.

The starlet has recently been seen using luxurious French skincare products that are paraben-free and crafted using 93 % natural ingredients.Parabens are a chemical ingredient that trigger the onset of aging and are best to avoid, in order to inhibit the early maturing of skin. Lady Jolie brightens, firms, moisturizes and protects her skin with these quality natural products.

Angelina’s Odd Beauty Tip

She wears minimal makeup on a “regular” day, but goes natural if she’s tan. But that’s not the odd part: Angelina chooses a gray shade of lipstick known as “charm” for her daily touch of color. It’s her best attempt to mask the very red lips she claims to otherwise have. Hey wait, the red sounds like a lip shade most women would prefer… Ms. Jolie says “charm” is the only makeup she “always wears” even when she is au natural.

What about Plastic Surgery?

It sounds like Angelina is a non-believer in the plastic approach to beauty so far. Having access to the finest organic skincare in the world makes this a luxuriously wise option for the Hollywood diva. The spotlight and paparazzi favor the face that we’re told gets the global title for the “most beautiful.” So Angelina Jolie’s beauty cocktail is effectively working its magic.

For this lady, often thought of as eccentric and sometimes flat out “weird,” these don’t sound like risqué beauty secrets. Common sense takes precedence when it comes to caring for your skin that is the best investment, whatever your choice of career. Dedicating time to a healthy skincare regimen, and the occasional pampering facials by your choice day spa, can enhance your most enviable asset: your lovely face.