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Anti Aging Skin Care: How Stress Affects Your Skin

You’ve probably noticed that many people in an effort to relax will develop bad habits to eliminate stress from their lives. Some get a drink, others watch T.V or eat takeout instead of cook. The problem is not necessarily the drinking or any of the aforementioned ways to relax, its more the patterns that increase our percentage for an unhealthy situation to develop.

Once you have an unhealthy condition develop you’ll have more stress and this opens the door to illness, causing further stress. This turns into a vicious cycle and as your body gets older it has less of an ability to fight back. Stress can make you look years older and this is why I have note it under anti aging skin care.

Eliminate these habits now by challenging yourself to change your lifestyle, and if you are stressed and unhealthy, take a giant leap forward to recapture youth and health.

Ultimately being stressed out affects your life, your health and how your skin looks.

A 2007 University of Cambridge study found that people who coped the best with stressful life events was partly due to them being healthy in other ways, like exercising regularly and not smoking.

Do you want more beautiful skin? Then consider these friendly reminders to get yourself back on track.

You’re too tired from work to work out. Research shows that if you aren’t getting 30 to 40 minutes of cardio activity at least 3 days a week you’re not doing your body any favors. Exercise is a known way to release stress, lighten your mood, improve your sleep and energy through out the day. So when your work life gets really hectic, this is actually the time you want to exercise more as a way of releasing stress.

Additionally, working out detoxes your skin and improves circulation which brings more nutrients to it, and adding trustworthy facial care products and there is no doubt your skin will glow.

Your lack of culinary creativity means you’re relying on takeout. Let’s face it, the quickest meals are often the least healthy: mac and cheese, pizza, burgers, sandwiches. What do they have in common? Usually overly processed ingredients and lack of nutrients. Want to ensure you’re at peak performance? Eat more fruits and veggies and try plant-based proteins.

In fact, the body has a hard time digesting overly processed foods and since your skin is another filter for your body guess where these things are going to show up? Feeding your body nutrient rich foods will enhance the beauty of your skin.

You don’t have a water bottle at your desk. Many people could drink all sorts of beverages in any given day but not have even one glass of water all day long. This is a mistake since water has amazing health benefits in addition to keeping you hydrated, improving dry skin. Water also  detoxes your body and moves nutrients through out as well as gives you energy and protects your immune system. Water can be one of the simplest and the best skin care routine as it maintains the health of your skin from the inside out.

You’re eating too many empty calories. One thing that’s easy to do when you get busy is to forget to eat meals and instead wind up at the snack section in your local lunch joint. The form of these foods can be candy bars, energy drinks etc.  Eating too much sugar can backfire if you’re using it for quick bursts of energy in place of real food. Sweets and processed sugars can lead to some serious health issues, including fatigue (after the initial energy wears off), weight gain, and even depression, as recently reported in the New York Times.

Being stress free makes you fun to be around as your attitude is more carefree and your overall health will give your skin a healthy glow. And a convenient way to de-stress is by getting regular facials with one of our accomplished estheticians.

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