Skin Care

8 steps how to have a healthy skin and hairs

Having a perfect , radiant and glowing skin is something that everyone craves for . Because of busy schedule , tough climatic conditions, stress and pollution , people tend to age before . Know the mantras of healthy skin and hair by experts to keep the kinderness and healthiness alive
Some of the tips that will help to boost your skin and hairs are :
1) Intake of Proteins , which is the building Block
2) Sea Food ,The essential fat supplement
3) Iron , for lustre and vitality
4) Muesli, The wholesome foodgrain
5) Nuts, The nutritional nuggets
6) Citrus and Kiwi, Rich source for Vitamin C
7) Water and Tea
8) Include Carotene and Vitamin A
Some of the essential fats for healthy skin are :
Omega 6
Omega 3

The Important “S”
Stress –Don’t take much stress as its not good for skin

Sleep – Take a long stretch sleep which is good for skin

Sunshine – Limit exposure to sunshine as maximum.