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7 Ways To More Radiant Skin

Our skin is one of the first things that people notice. So, that means, if you have dry, flaky, unhealthy skin, people are going to notice, and can even be turned off by this. The good news is that taking care of these issues is not as difficult as you think. With more radiant skin you will feel better, have more confidence, and have that certain glow that everyone looks for. Here are 7 tips for better looking skin.

1. Cleanse then moisturize your skin day and night. Be sure before going to bed to cleanse your face thoroughly to remove all of the the dust, dirt, and oils that have accumulated throughout the day. Then when morning comes, make sure you cleanse all of the dead skin cells that build up over night. The most important part of cleansing is to moisturize the skin afterwards. If you don’t your skin will become dried out, and appear dull.

2. Be sure to get enough sleep. During sleep time, our bodies are the most metabolically active. The body rids itself of free radicals and toxins that would otherwise wreak havoc on our skin. Usually around 8 hours a good nights sleep, depending on each person. You can tell if you body needs more sleep when dark circles under your eyes begin to appear. This is because that is the area where our skin is the thinnest, and a lack of sleep can bring a lack of oxygen to the area, resulting in dark circles.

3. Switch to Mineral Makeup. Not everyone is a big fan of mineral makeup, but it does have its benefits. It protects you from the sun, looks great, feels great, and can be used on even the most sensitive skin. It is chemical free so you don’t have to worry about toxins clogging your pores, causing acne. It is even recommended by the National Rosacea Society.

4 Exercise. Exercise is key for the health of your skin. Thirty minutes a day is great, but even something like a quick brisk walk will do the trick. Exercise increases circulation, and that added blood flow bring oxygen rich blood and nutrients to all cells. Exercise also reduces stress mentally, and blocks hormones that lead to added oil production, and acne. Without the extra oil on your skin you will find you skin looking younger, and having a certain noticeable glow.

5. Get a professional facial every 5 weeks. Seeing a specialist for a facial is crucial for a number of reasons. First the facial itself will be your greatest defense against unhealthy skin. Not only will they give you better looking skin instantly, they will analyze your skin and the best products to use. A good esthetician can also remove blackheads and whiteheads that you would otherwise not be able to. The truth is most estheticians want to help, and they are obsessed with healthy skin themselves. They will give you the best knowledge, and treatment.

6. Drink plenty of water. I know this sounds redundant and every health professional will tell you to drink plenty of water, but they are telling the truth. Water keeps our skin hydrated, and if your cells do not get enough water, they will dry out faster and cause premature aging. if you are drinking alcohol or coffee, then you absolutely want to drink a lot of water. If water seems boring, try lemon juice or other flavored water options.

7. Wear sunscreen! This is often the most overlooked step to more radiant skin. Sure, we all want that tan, but there is nothing wrong with wearing sunscreen. You do not need to fry yourself all in one day to have a great tan. Failure to wear sunscreen can lead to sunburn, blisters, and down the road even skin cancer. Always wear some form of sunscreen when stepping out into the sun.

There you have it. Seven tips for more radiant, beautiful skin. They are very simple steps, and each one will add to the health of your skin. Remember skin is often our most noticeable feature. Our skin is constantly protecting us each day, so why not give it some help?

This article was written by Ayssa Jacobs. Alyssa is enthusiatic concerning skin care and works hard to help you find the last break-throughs in acne science.