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Guess who is in Vogue's New Years resolutions from the Pros

In beauty matters, it is always flattering to me when I’m asked for my opinion and even more so when Vogue prints it. I know this will help many people achieve glowing beautiful skin. I hope you find this helpful and please pass it on to your friends.

January 2010
By: Christina Han and Abigail Walch
Photo by: Photo: Irving Penn (left); Patrick Demarchelier (right).
Joanna Vargas

Facialist, New York City
I would love it if people juiced more. My clients always come to me about how to fix dull, lifeless skin, and I tell them that drinking a green juice a day will keep the skin glowing. Something with kale, spinach, celery with a dash of apple and parsley (for lymphatic drainage) is good. As for myself, I’m staying away from eating fresh vegetables before dinner, and sticking to cooked ones instead for better digestion.

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