6 Ways to Look Good with Minimal Make-up

Summer is almost here and that means hot days that can wreak havoc on a makeup routine. Depending on the location, it might be almost impossible to wear makeup without sweating it off before arriving at work. Not to mention, minimal makeup is a great way to let skin breathe a little bit and is even a popular fashion trend in its own right. What can be done to keep a fresh and beautiful face when only minimal makeup will do?

1. Work that skin care routine.

Clean, glowing, healthy skin is the key to looking great with minimal makeup. Cleanse skin with a product that is appropriate for the skin type, whether that be dry, oily, sensitive or combination. If blemishes are a problem, dab on an acne-treatment product or consider consulting a dermatologist for a prescription product. A great moisturizer is important, even when skin feels sweaty. Choose a light-weight water based one one with a high SPF-factor sunscreen to prevent the sun from doing damage to fragile facial skin.

2. Get a good night’s sleep.

Dark circles caused by a lack of sleep require a heavy layer of makeup to hide them. Instead, go for the full eight hours of sleep that most bodies require. Well-rested skin is beautiful without the need of additional makeup and can look years younger. During sleep, the facial muscles relax which can also help prevent wrinkles from forming. The dermal layers have time to rejuvenate, and after a good night’s sleep, skin looks younger with fewer lines and wrinkles.

3. Stay hydrated.

Water is the body’s most essential beauty tool. Properly hydrated skin is more elastic, which prevents wrinkles and other damage. Dark circles and shadows can also be staved away by drinking water. Dehydration leads to bloating, puffiness and dry skin that shows every little flaw and wrinkle. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day will help to eliminate this. Good hydration improves the complexion and brightens eyes, which will make eye makeup less necessary.

4. Skip the foundation.

Most foundations are heavy and aren’t comfortable to wear when it is hot. Plus, they can cake in lines and corners, accentuating wrinkles instead of hiding them. Instead, consider choosing a tinted moisturizer, which usually also contains sunscreen, as an added benefit. Tinted moisturizers are light-weight and go on feathery soft so that often the wearer forgets that she has anything on her face at all. A tinted moisturizer smooths out a blotchy or uneven complexion, and makes skin look as if it is glowing naturally.

5. Work the eyelashes.

The eyes are the first thing that others will notice. It’s not necessary to wear a ton of eye makeup to make them stand out. Instead of caking them in heavy mascara that can flake off or smudge, try using either a light, clear mascara or no mascara at all. Instead, use an eyelash curler to extend lashes up and out, opening up the eyes naturally and making them pop dramatically.

6. Soft lips are beautiful.

When heavy lipstick isn’t an option, go for a shiny gloss to brighten up the mouth. Lip gloss enhances lips instead of hiding them, adding a touch of color to highlight lips’ natural tone instead of overpowering it. Shiny lip gloss also helps promote the dewy, fresh, young look which is always in fashion. Lip balm can give the appearance of a lip gloss sheen, but contains ingredients like emollients to moisturize and soften the lips and make them naturally beautiful. Whether it’s lip gloss or lip balm, be sure to choose one that has a sunscreen in it. Lips are very prone to sunburn, which is not only painful, but leads to chapped, cracking lips.

Rachel Stince is a recent graduate from a New York Beauty School. She dreams to work with the stars and help them look beautiful. On her freetime she enjoys freelancing when the opportunity is available to her.