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5 Treats to Beat the Summer Heat

Source: Daily Candy New York

Frozen Ideas for Summer Days

Just keeping it cool!

Gelato Popsicles:
Popbar serves one thing and one thing only — gelato on a stick. The pops are lined up like little soldiers in uniform, half dipped or splashed with milk, white, and dark chocolate then polished with almond slices or bits of coconut.

Iced Espresso Horchata: At Brooklyn Heights’s Crop to Cup Coffee Company, the brewers have spent months perfecting their horchata (a Latin American rice milk beverage spiked with cinnamon) to which they add a welcomed caffeine kick.

Key Lime Pie Swingle: Red Hook’s Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies serves up a frozen, chocolate-dipped slice on a stick. It takes the tart pie to another level (and really packs a wallop). Raspberry Swingles make their debut this week!

Gelato Brioche Sandwich: Mia Dona restaurant just parked a gelateria-on-wheels outside its doors. On weekday afternoons, you can take your pick of pistachio or sweet ricotta gelato, pressed between two slices of toasted brioche.

Kosher Ice Cream: Chozen, a new NYC-based brand, offers all-natural ice cream flavors like rugelach, coconut macaron, and matzoh crunch — with a little chutzpah. Read Full Story @DailyCandy

Here are a few more ways to cool your tongue.