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5 Tips On How To Shine Bright On Long Winter Days

Healthy, Glowing Skin Starts With Your Nutrition


A healthy gut is critical to overall health. In fact, research over the past two decades has revealed that an unhealthy gut contributes to a wide range of diseases and can manifest as skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Processed foods, alcohol caffeine and antibiotics can cause a “leaky gut”, which means that instead of foods being broken down, absorbed and eliminated, partially digested foods can now cross through the damaged area of the intestinal lining and enter the blood stream directly. This leak can then initiate an inflammatory response in the body and the release of stress hormones. One of these stress hormones is cortisol, which further taxes the body and starts to impair the body’s immune system. What is one of the first things that celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas recommends to her clients for clearer, more radiant skin? Green Juices. Click on the link to find simple, DIY recipes. PH balancing or alkaline foods found in these juices like spinach, kale, broccoli, parsley, etc. are excellent in keeping high levels of stomach acid in order. Also, after all the holiday parting, that some of you haven’t stopped, whoop, whoop, can be a great time to ‘reset’ your body. I did the Whole 30 program about six months ago, (whole30.com). My bloating had gotten so crazy that I started researching GI specialists but after hearing Melissa Hartwig on Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast, I decided to give Whole 30 a try first. If Whole 30 is too intense, just try eliminating processed grains or dairy and add fermented foods like sauerkraut and kim chi. Take a high quality multi-species probiotic and add more alkaline foods like those mentioned above. You will almost definitely experience more energy, and brighter, healthier skin and eyes.

One last thing you can do is try “Probiotics” and “Detoxy” from Kimberly Snyder. Kimberly Snyder’s Probiotics is a powerful formula that most closely reflects what would be found in nature, eating wild or unwashed organic food. It contains 29 different strains of SBO’s for maximum variety, potency and effectiveness.

Detoxy+ is a nutritional supplement that helps cleanse your digestive and elimination organs of wastes and toxins in a gentle, yet effective way—without any of the drawbacks of typical laxatives or fiber supplements. (Call 212.949.2350 to buy them from Joanna Vargas Salon).

By improving your digestive health, you can almost be guaranteed healthy and beautiful skin.

Slide Some Oil To Ya’

Oils are an excellent antidote to dry, irritated skin. Jojoba oil has a chemical structure that’s very similar to our skin’s natural oils so it’s easily absorbed. It also contains minerals such as zinc and copper and vitamins B and E, which help strengthen skin. It’s a great choice for general dry skin. Show your hair some love too by using it as a hot oil treatment. For sensitive skin, Joanna Vargas recommends coconut oil as a body moisturizer, and she says that the “fatty acids make it helpful for anyone with eczema too.” Coconut oil also restores dry hair – try it as a deep conditioning treatment in the shower. Rose Hip Seed Oil is great for uneven pigment, scars and acne prone skin and can be found in that little powerhouse, Joanna Vargas’s very own Rejuvenating Serum. I like Mountain Rose Herbs for oils (mountainroseherbs.com) – they have an amazing selection of organic and non-GMO oils but you can also find them at natural food markets or even your local grocery store.

Load Up on Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is vital to optimal health. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to many health problems, including osteoporosis, depression, insomnia, heart disease and psoriasis. Yet, because we spend more time indoors and wear sunscreen (definitely keep doing that), most of us aren’t getting enough, especially in winter. Have your health provider check your levels – this isn’t always included with a regular check up – you’ll probably have to request it. Once you know your Vitamin D level, you can supplement accordingly. Vitamin D has been shown to reduce inflammation, which can result in healthier, brighter skin.


If you live in a particularly dry climate, it might be time to pull out the big guns. I live in L.A. and it’s pretty humidity-free in the spring and summer but fall/winter is brutal. Invest in a humidifier for your bedroom if you’re consistently waking up with tight-dry skin and cracked lips, then sit back and bask in the compliments about your newfound dewiness.

Mask It

Adding hydrating masks to your regimen can give you immediate, visible results by reducing fine lines and plumping your skin with added moisture and nutrients. The Forever Glow Anti-Aging Face Mask by Joanna Vargas is serious yumminess. I mean, the name says it all. I also love overnight sleep masks, which are hugely popular in South Korea. Sleep masks create a permeable seal on top that makes everything underneath it penetrate better – and they’re actually lighter than night creams, so you can wear them overnight and not have to worry about leaving a mess on your pillowcase.

Kim’s Bio –

Kim Blackwell is a licensed Esthetician, writer and photographer. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and currently lives in Hollywood with her husband and daughter. She goes to Disneyland a LOT.